AlmaLinks is a global non-profit organization that advances the careers of outstanding Jewish young professionals while showcasing the Israeli business community and social initiatives in the Jewish world.
Location: New York City , NY
Year founded: 2009


In 2015, AlmaLinks will be moving its Headquarters from Tel Aviv to New York City to focus on building the largest overall chapter there. AlmaLinks was founded in 2009 to be the first global Jewish organization that would foster tomorrow's Jewish professional leaders who will support the Jewish people and the State of Israel. History has shown Jewish business leaders to be the primary investors in Israel’s economy while also serving as pillars of Jewish communities around the globe. Someone has to take responsibility to ensure that the next generation of business leaders transition into this role. Today, successful and prominent young Jewish professionals dedicate their time to their careers. AlmaLinks offers them the opportunity to continue pursuing their professional vision while retaining and reinforcing their link to their local Jewish community. AlmaLinks operates 8 chapters around the globe (Bay Area, Beijing, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York City, Tel Aviv and Washington, DC). Each chapter is run by dedicated volunteers who host monthly events where executives from the community are invited to speak to a group of young professionals on prearranged professional topic that is relevant to the group. On top of the regular events, members can leverage the global community for professional assistance my interacting with our Biz Dev Center, which facilitates connections among members around the globe. This is conducted through a custom tailored CRM system that was developed by members in Israel to suit the specific needs of our community. In tandem, AlmaLinks exposes it members to business opportunities in Israel and social causes in the Jewish world. AlmaLinks would use this grant to cover programing expenses in NYC to attract more members and run more local events.

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