Speak Memory Project

Moments tick into minutes, days, decades. Our loved ones are here, and then they are not. If we're lucky, we're left with their memories. These delicate connections to distant times and foreign places inform who we are today.
Location: San Francisco , CA
Year founded: 2013


The 20th century was a trying time for the Jewish people. World War Two, the Holocaust, the founding of the State of Israel and the wars that immediately followed all happened in a matter of only a few decades. As the last of the generations that experienced all of these things first-hand continue to slip away, this is our final chance to document their stories and capture their likenesses. The portraits will reflect their journeys - not just the hardships they bore, but also the strength and resilience that helped them survive and rebuild their lives. We will continue to create multiple highly intimate accounts of history, putting human faces on the facts that most of us have read about, but few feel a personal connection to. We will capture memories and experiences and preserve them for generations to come. Additional funding would help greatly increase our current scope, allowing us to capture more stories and reach many more people through a series of talks and exhibitions, an expanded web presence, and working towards publishing a book.

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