Manashe Khaimov, Innovator, Jewish Educator, and a Bukharian Jew who cares for preservation of an ancient Bukharian Jewish culture, traditions and language. He believes that language is an important part of the human culture, and losing our language means losing connection to our heritage.
Year founded: 2014


The mission of - Ask bobo means “ask Grandfather” is to give access to Russian Speaking-Bukharian Jewish Community, to learn their language, culture and heritage while creating an intergenerational relationship between youth and their elderly. We hope that will help our young generation to learn Bukharian Jewish Language - the dialect of Farsi- This is a language that our ancestors spoke for over 2,000 years while they lived in Central Asia. Why is there a need for an online dictionary? Bukharian Jews, for many years, living in the territory of the modern Central Asian republics (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan) created the language (Bukhory). However in 1940, the Soviet government officially closed all schools which were conducted in the Bukhory language; they also forbade the printing of mass media and books. Thankfully the Bukhory language is still around today because of the elderly generation’s prominent use of it as a means of communication. After all this time, teenagers, young professionals and adults begun to show interest in their roots,language and in the creative heritage left behind by their ancestors. They have began to aspire to master the Bukhory language their elders worked so hard to keep intact. However there is no platform today for those who are interested. There is no online courses out there where they can learn the Bukharian language. (which AskBobo is planing to develop) There are about 60,000 Bukharian Jewish families in USA and Canada only. Approximately, 150,000 families in Israel and another 20,000 around the world (Austria, Australia, England, Russia, and Uzbekistan). Language is an important part of the human culture, and losing our language means losing connection to our heritage. Finally, with your great help, we will be able to create an online dictionary, last name search tool, and interactive online Bukharian language classes that will serve a wide range of people because of its relatively easy access from the internet and mobile phones rather than book.

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