Cherry Orchard Festival Foundation

The Cherry Orchard Festival introduces high quality performing arts programs to new and expanded audiences in major NY venues. Festival performances engage Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants and all New Yorkers who face financial, cultural and language barriers. to becoming engaged audiences.
Location: New York , New York
Year founded: 2012


Cherry Orchard Festival Foundation is in the intensive planning stages for our fourth Summer Festival in June-July 2016 in New York, which will feature performances by the world-renown, Moscow-based Theater of Nations, The Moscow Male Jewish Cappella together with Jewish-Georgian singer and performer Tamara Gverdtsiteli with the new program Mammele (Yiddish) of the historical Yiddish songs, and the newly created "Great Gatsby" ballet - with contemporary music and modern choreography  - a collaboration between the Mariinsky Ballet dancers ( Russia) and the Complexions Contemporary Ballet dancers ( USA).  

Our strategic objective is to enable Russian-Jewish immigrants and native New Yorkers to celebrate culture, exchange of ideas, and to have richer lives through the experience of arts. 

New York offers innumerable cultural opportunities to its residents; however, even programs and festivals directed to Russian-speaking and Jewish audiences focus on established audiences, often limited by prohibitive ticket prices.  Cherry Orchard Festival is committed to lowering these barriers to participation in the arts.  For the past three years, we have effectively reached underserved Russian-speaking and Jewish New Yorkers through dedicated and earned media, using highly cost-effective ways to build audiences.  

Our past productions have brought esteemed, beloved Russian performers and productions to individuals and families who are marginalized due to the cost of tickets and lack of awareness of accessible cultural opportunities.  
In our previous Festivals, we welcomed over 50,000 people to Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, New York’s City Center and leading regional theatres for memorable performances by award-winning musicians and soloists, and Moscow’s Vakhtangov Academic Theatre in Russian with English supertitles.  The passion and virtuosity of our artists is met by Cherry Orchard Festival’s audiences whose excitement and enthusiasm is unmatched through this unprecedented opportunity for cultural enrichment and engagement in the arts.

We seek partners, visionary philanthropists and funders who can join Cherry Orchard Festival in ensuring access to world-class artists who help us bridge the rich legacy of Russian musicianship and theater artistry for Russian-speaking and Jewish community members in the greater New York area.

No grants received yet


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