The Together Plan Charity

The Together Plan is a UK charity empowering socially and economically disadvantaged Jewish communities in the Former Soviet Union, helping them learn to grow from within.

Location: London , North Finchley
Year founded: 2013


The Together Plan is a UK registered charity which helps communities in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe help themselves by encouraging them to develop skills from within their own communities, so that they become self-sufficient. This is called 'community capacity building'. The charity works to help religious, disabled, elderly, socially or economically vulnerable communities. Many of the communities the Together Plan works with are disadvantaged Jewish communities in the Former Soviet Union.

We run annual summer programmes in Belarus where Jewish youth workers from the UK help to teach children about Judaism, traditions, festivals and prayers. British youth workers share their skills and train young Belarusian Jewish adults to become youth workers in their own right, so that they can develop and lead youth projects in their own communities. In this way, we work with the next generation of Jews and build for a strong future in those communities.

As part of our focus on community capacity building, the communities we work with in Belarus have been uncovering hidden Jewish historical and heritage sites, such as overgrown cemeteries and headstones. This is a project chosen and led by those community members, serving to reclaim and create pride in their Jewish identity. In the UK, we run a project where clothes, shoes, toys, stationery, and furniture is donated, sorted and packed by volunteers in London, and then sent to Minsk for distribution all over Belarus. People in need receive donations and communities receive tables, chairs, computers and other much needed items. This model ensures the project works to empower communities rather than creating a cycle of dependency. These are just a few of our projects.

The Together Plan is helping Jewish communities to revive in the Former Soviet Union. Our work is vital, ensuring that Judaism grows and flourishes in a place which many Jews once called home.

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