Beer Sheva Fringe Theatre

A socially-oriented theatre presenting cutting-edge stage productions for all ages, appealing to broad audiences, dealing with a variety of issues relevant to Israeli and Jewish identity.
Location: Beer Sheva
Year founded: 2010


The Beer Sheva Fringe Theatre was founded in 2010 by a group of local artists, with the support of Mayor Ruvik Danilovich, the Goodman School of Theater and Acting in the Negev, the Beer Sheva Theatre, and the Kivunim Municipal Corporation; out of the belief that every metropolis needs an alternative cultural center to promote independent arts and artists.

The theatre serves as a magnet for a new generation of artists and entrepreneurs with the common objective of creating uncompromising art. The theatre takes part in the multi-year program for development of the Negev and the rebranding of Beer Sheva as a cultural metropolitan center.

The theatre presents a contemporary and high-quality cultural alternative in the Negev, which is accessible to all members of the Negev’s multicultural community, both in its varied contents and its affordable admission, which enable any person to experience and enjoy the theatre’s cultural offerings.

The theatre includes a small staff of young, dynamic, and devoted employees, and provides the local community of young artists with a venue for self-expression and creating a true cultural and social impact. FringeB7 also serves as a multidisciplinary cultural center, producing and hosting top plays and performances, and opens a portal for residents of the Negev to new kinds of art.

FringeB7 has five original productions, four children’s plays, and a regular troupe of actors, who dedicate their time to community work and volunteering, alongside their artistic work. The theatre holds upwards of 150 cultural events from the world of theatre, dance, music, and visual arts.

The theatre’s flagship project is the FringeB7 Festival, a quality festival presenting approximately sixteen productions over three days, including dance, music, and theatre. The festival is a total cultural event, encompassing the theatre complex and the adjacent streets of Beer Sheva’s Old City.

FringeB7 has quickly become a cultural center which offers growth, expression, entrepreneurship, and social impact, and has given Beer Sheva’s Old City a major boost. The theatre is constantly evolving and shaping the artistic and cultural environment, to touch and to move.

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