YRF Darca

Similar to a charter school network in the United States, YRF Darca provides Israeli children in the geographic and socioeconomic periphery with the educational framework they need to achieve social mobility and thrive in a global, knowledge-based economy.
Location: New York , New York (NY)
Year founded: 1990


YRF Darca addresses one of Israel’s most pressing social-economic challenges: an inadequate education system. The Israeli education system is plagued by limited instruction in core subjects and minimal requirements for teacher certification. As a result, Israeli students consistently rank at the bottom of their peers from other OECD countries in reading, math and science skills. Israel also suffers from the largest gap in educational achievements between rich and poor.

YRF Darca is an education reform organization that operates in Israel through its partnership with Darca Schools, a network of 23 high schools and 2 learning centers in Israel serving more than 14,000 students in Israel's economically disadvantaged communities.

Collectively, these students provide a compelling snapshot that uniquely captures the diversity, needs and dreams of Israel's future.

Most of the schools supported by YRF Darca are located in the economic periphery, outside of Israel's major centers. Through its holistic partnership with faculty, students and parents, schools in the Darca network have experienced a dramatic turnaround 

Darca Schools were founded by Rashi, an independent private foundation dedicated to assisting underprivileged youth in Israel's geographic and social periphery. YRF Darca is the product of a 2014 merger between Darca Schools and the Youth Renewal Fund.

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