Tsofen- High Technology Centers

Tsofen works to fully integrate between Israel's Arab society and its hi tech industry, by adding thousands of Arabs into Israel’s hi tech sector and creating hi-tech centers as economic anchors in Arab towns.

Location: Nazareth
Year founded: 2008


Tsofen strives toward full integration between Israel’s Arab citizens and its hi-tech industry as a means of encouraging sustainable economic development and a more equal society. In order to achieve its goals, Tsofen works with the Arab community and stakeholders from the local, governmental and private sectors to (1) add thousands of Arabs into Israel’s hi tech sector and (2) create hi-tech centers as economic anchors in Arab towns. Such centers provide employment opportunities in hi-tech for thousands of Arab and Jewish workers. This is beneficial to the hi-tech industry, which has a shortage of workers, and to area residents, whose quality of life is improved. The essence of Tsofen’s success over the past 6 years lies in its ability to identify business opportunities – first in Nazareth and today in the Triangle region as well, deep understanding of the potential human capital of Arab academics, close relationships within the Arab community, and the professional experience of its founders and managers. At the heart of Tsofen’s model lies the connection between two communities that were previously separate: the Arab community of Israel and the Israeli hi-tech industry. Its strategic goal for the coming years is to create and advocate for the structural changes required to scale this integration, in order to expand geographic coverage throughout Israel and reach tens of thousands of people.

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