Aloney Yitzchak Youth Village

Aloney Yitzchak Youth Village provides youth with high potential from extremely challenging backgrounds the opportunity to live and learn in a safe, supportive community.
Year founded: 1948


Every child deserves a good start in life.  When a Jewish child's family cannot provide a safe, nurturing home, they can be sent to an Israeli youth village, where they live, learn, and participate in a supportive educational community.  

Aloney Yitzchak Youth Village was founded in 1948 -- the year of Israel's birth -- for children orphaned by the Holocaust.  Located on the same site today, within a nature preserve an hour north of Tel Aviv, the teens who live and learn here today each have major challenges in their home lives yet yearn for and are capable of becoming "normal", highly effective citizen of Israel. Each child has his or her own strengths, stories, and needs. The government supports most of the most basic needs of the teens in the Village, but "extras" such as music, sports fields, supplemental learning, trips, learning about Judaism, Tikkun Olam project transportation, college scholarships for graduates (after the Army), and more must be supplied through private donations.    

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