Birthright Israel

In just fifteen years, Birthright Israel has become the largest and most widely-recognized Jewish education and engagement program in existence. It is viewed as a “rite of passage” among young Jewish adults, and serves as a low-barrier entry point into organized Jewish life.

Location: New York , NEW YORK
Year founded: 1999


Birthright Israel engaged young Jewish adults, ages 18-26, with the gift of an educational experience in Israel with their peers. The programs goals are to change the course of Jewish history and ensure the continuity of the Jewish people by nurturing Jewish identity, and strengthening bonds with the land and people of Israel, as well as solidarity with Jewish communities worldwide.

While the Birthright Israel experience is offered as a gift, free of charge to participants, the program costs of $3,000 per person is supported by a unique partnership between Jewish communities around the world, the Government of Israel, a growing number of donors in Israel and outside of North America, and over 32,000 North American donors and foundations through the Birthright Israel Foundation.

Through the unique experience of Birthright Israel, young Jewish adults have an unparalleled opportunity to encounter Israel and their own Jewish identity in a sophisticated and nuanced manner, by exploring deep history, grappling with contemporary challenges, and building connections to sustain the future of the Jewish people. Together, we can change the course of Jewish history.


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