Beit Prat Yerushalayim

Beit Prat Yerushalayim has a unique DNA: It's a vibrant, dynamic Jewish activity hub that promotes pluralism and community by joining secular and religious; it is operated by and for Israelis in their twenties; and it is own by participants who determine its directions and pay to be members.
Location: Jerusalem
Year founded: 2012


Beit Prat Yerushalayim is a peer-driven puralistic Jewish renewal initiative serving Israeli young adults in their twenties. The initiative consists of a 'Beit Midrash' that functions as an activity hub sourcing cultural, social and educational programming for a wide cross-section of young Israelis. Serving upwards of 1,500 this year, Beit Prat Yerushalayim bridges the divide between secular and religious, nurtures community and belonging within Jerusalem, and strengthens participants' sense of themselves as part of the diverse Jewish collective in Israel and beyond

Participants in the program interact meaningfully with peers of different backgrounds and outlooks, forging a community that transcends the divisive categories characteristic of Jerusalem in particular and Israeli society as a whole. This interaction enriches their understanding of each other, nurtures their ability to relate respectfully across difference, and equips them to navigate complex realities and situations. The program further impacts participants by strengthening their sense of responsibility and their identification with Jewish values. Participants own the program and determine its success as well as its future directions. This paradigm inspires and facilitates responsibility, agency and involvement, reflected in thousands of hours of volunteering that participants invest in shaping and running the program. Beyond the impact on participants as individuals, the initiative impacts Jerusalem by serving as a magnet for other young adults and nurturing a growing community grounded in the values of pluralism and respect. 

With an amplifier grant, Beit Prat Yerushalayim can continue to serve Jerusalem-based young adults through programming fostering community, belonging and Jewish renewal in Israel's capital.

No grants received yet



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