Smile on Seniors

At Smile On Seniors we believe people of all ages should enjoy happiness and dignity. SOS is a unique volunteer program, created to enhance the lives of local seniors. SOS is constantly growing and evolving to meet new demands as they arise.

Location: Phoenix , AZ
Year founded: 2009


Since the establishment of Smile on Seniors in 2009, a new day has dawned for the golden age Jewish population in Phoenix and environs. In its first five years, SOS, a volunteer fueled organization dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors in our midst, has experienced remarkable growth, and its varied contributions have been widely recognized.

SOS flagship service remains its home visitation program by twinning volunteers with a senior “buddy.” SOS offers pre-holiday workshops, Challah baking and discussions with the Rabbi in various retirement and assisted living communities. Additionally, SOS offers Jewish Seniors and active adults Shabbat dinners, holiday themed programming, monthly lunches and programs. Finally, SOS offers fabulous programs and events just for its growing community of volunteers.

Our state is home to one of the largest elderly populations in the country. Far from family and without regular visitors, many of them feel their life seeping away. Our program and volunteers bring a sense of self respect and appreciation to the senior; replacing depression with hope. In cherishing and honoring our seniors we teach this Jewish value to the next generation and our collective future shines brighter.

Smile On Seniors Social Events


Throughout the year Smile On Seniors hosts a multitude of social events for seniors in the community. We have found that seniors like to do the same things younger people in the community like to do. They like to spend time with friends and make new ones. Our Social Events provide outlets for socializing and being engaged with the Jewish Community and are exciting offerings everyone would love to be a senior to join!

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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

As we age we sadly begin to lose friends who have passed away. Many seniors move to new cities to be closer to loved ones. The changes are very difficult. They impede on social lives. A healthy social life has a tremendous positive effect on our health. In addition, as seniors become widowers they look for companionship. Our mission is to offer social events that provide a positive solution to companionship, mental health and a social life. We engage seniors enabling them to spend time with old friends and make new ones, all while having fun together!

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Program Description

Throughout the year Smile On Seniors provides exciting social programs specifically targeting seniors and active mature adults. We offer Movie Nights through out the year, a Deli Night, a Pizza Social, Chinese and a Movie, a Superbowl Party, Paint and Wine, a BBQ and more. These programs directly benefit our seniors in the Jewish community. We provide a safe environment to have fun and create or build friendships.

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Demonstrated Need

The Federation has commissioned a study on the valley's senior population and the needs and lacks. We have been blessed to be a part of the solution mentioned in the study. Our programming provides the social engagement and sense of community our seniors lack. Our programming is enabled because of the many caring individuals and organizations in the community. Our valley's seniors are so spread out geographically. We provide an opportunity to come together.

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Program Accomplishments

Over the
last few years we have increased our social offerings and seen tremendous
attendance. Our Deli Night had over 75 seniors in attendance. Our Movie Night
have an average of 20 seniors attend. Our Chinese and a Movie had over 70 in
attendance. Our Superbowl party had almost 40 seniors who would have watched
the game alone. 

The beautiful thing is watching the new friendships and learning
about their get together on weekends.

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How do you measure the success of your program?

We measure our success in quantity and quality. We see the increase in attendance and demand for the programs. We also watch as seniors who when they first began to attend our programs had truly no friends. They have created new friends, are socializing and going out with them. This is how we measure success.

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