Agnon House

Agnon House in Jerusalem is a National Heritage Site, dedicated to the work of the Nobel Laureate S.Y. Agnon. Agnon built this house in 1931 with his wife and lived here until his death in 1970. The house is now a literature museum and a venue for tours, lectures, performances, and workshops.

Location: Jerusalem
Year founded: 1982


Agnon House is a celebration of the revival of the Hebrew language. Unspoken for 2000 years, it was not obvious that there would be millions of speakers of Modern Hebrew within the space of just a few decades.  Even more phenomenal is the rich and diverse literature that was born out of this revival; Hebrew literature has been translated into dozens of languages, and already in 1966, S.Y. Agnon won the Nobel Prize for Literature for the books he wrote in Hebrew.

Agnon House is in Jerusalem, centred at once was the family home and office of S.Y. Agnon. Following Agnon’s death in 1970, the Jerusalem Municipality identified the cultural value of the site and purchased the building. Agnon House now operates as a museum of Hebrew literature and culture. Tours are offered in Hebrew, Russian, and English for students, researchers, soldiers, tourists, and members of the public. In the afternoons, Agnon House organizes clubs and educational activities for children. In the evening, we host cultural activities for the wider public, such as lectures, workshops, courses, and concerts.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Agnon’s Nobel Prize, we are organising a national Hebrew literature festival. At the centre of the celebrations will be an international conference of Nobel Prize winners in Literature to be hosted in Jerusalem. Together with the Ministry of Education, the President of Israel, Jerusalem City Hall, and members of the Knesset, we will promote the status of Hebrew literature nationally and internationally.

In preparation for the festival, we are carrying out extensive renovation works in Agnon House. We are building a new permanent exhibit in our museum and transforming the second floor of the building into a space suitable for lectures, workshops, courses, and performances. The renovations include plans to make the whole of Agnon House disabled access friendly. 

Although Agnon House already plays a central role in the culture of Hebrew literature in Jerusalem, our past successes have showed us that we are capable of providing promoting literature and the works of Agnon across Israel and internationally. We want to seize the 50 year anniversary of Agnon’s prize as an opportunity to reach out and expand, and are seeking new donors and partners who can help us reach our goals.

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