Black Box

"Black Box" is a non profit organization which seeks to seize the public sphere with an array of platforms displaying contemporary art and original content.

Location: Jerusalem , Israel
Year founded: 2012


"Black Box" (Website Link) was founded in 2012 by Asaf Cohen and Izek Mizrahi, both artists and graduates of Bezalel with the mission of breaking the pre-existing barriers in the consumption of art in its classic form. 

We believe that art has the power and potential to transform the way we perceive reality. It encourages mobility of thought and challenges the existing social and political norms.  

We achieve this by transforming the city into a living, breathing artistic space, with a vision uniquely suited to the city and area we work in. We create galleries, displays and artistic platforms in the public space as well as in non conventional urban spaces, thus empowering the effect art has on the daily, natural habitat of both the residents and the city itself.  

The choice to display the art outside in public spaces will enable the unique immediate interaction between the viewer and his living space. This will create a new outlook and perspective to the living space the viewer lives in and makes him deal with his surroundings in a different way; the landscape, colors, feelings, smells, faces and the unique human collage of each neighborhood.

We invite both viewer and artist on a joint journey where art steps out of the sheltered and exclusive Musial space and goes out to the street.

We collaborate with top of the line artists, designers, architects and municipal bodies through the various stages of concept development, location scouting, curation and complete administrative production.


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