Zion: An Eretz Yisraeli Community

Zion is a community of Jews in Israel who believe that through study, prayer, and most importantly, meeting one another, Jerusalem can be a more open and pluralistic city. Our community empowers members of all backgrounds to use their strengths and work together to re-dream Jerusalem
Location: Jerusalem
Year founded: 2013


Zion is a community of Israeli Jews of all backgrounds, beliefs, customs, and practices, gathering together to re-dream Jerusalem.

"Let's Try."  These were the words that gave birth to the community Zion in 2013. A group of friends were inspired to pray in a way that acknowledges and celebrates the diverse Jewish traditions that exist in Jerusalem. The community soon expanded beyond the space available in Rabba Tamar Elad Appelbaum’s living room and has continued to grow and evolve ever since. Aspiring to create together an Eretz Yisraeli Judaism immersed in the study of Torah, repairing the world and prayer, Zion is building a new language in Israel, combining Eastern, Western and modern Israeli traditions. We invite you to become a partner in the dreaming and creation of a reality. 

Zion Seeks to Re-Dream Jerusalem by:

Welcoming Community

Zion provides the opportunity for Jerusalemites to pray and celebrate in a way that feels authentic, oftentimes for the first time in their lives. Men, women, Orthodox and secular, Reform and Conservative, Sepharadi and Ashkenazi are all welcome to participate and lead in an egalitarian community.

Social Justice

Zion has become a meeting point for diverse populations, enabling them to meet and learn from each other: like Lone Soldiers, ultra-Orthodox Haredi women, Muslim women, asylum seekers, and more.  Additionally, we are using the shmita year as inspiration to create the first-ever interfaith food and clothing exchange Jerusalem.

Bridging Faiths in the Public Sphere

Zion launched a series of public interfaith prayer services including an interfaith service at the FirstTrain Station on Yom Yerushalayim.  The goal is to reclaim Jerusalem as a place for hope, peace and sanctity for all peoples.

Israeli Prayer Language

Zion combines ancient and contemporary Israeli, Ashkenazi, and Sefaradi, musical traditions. We pray with our own prayer booklet that includes the Song of Songs, ancient Eretz Yisraeli liturgy, classic Israeli songs, and contemporary texts written by members of the community.

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