Women's Gathering Jerusalem

The Women's Gathering is a social gathering promoting community building, cultural and arts expression for the LBTQ community in and around Jerusalem. It brings together women from the entire social-political-economic spectrum. It promotes local business and a diverse tolerant inclusive society.
Location: Jerusalem , Israel
Year founded: 2011


The Women's Gathering (WG) is passionate about bringing people together, creating a vibrant LGBTQ culture in Jerusalem.  Many women in Jerusalem feel isolated, have no way of meeting others like them or finding potential friends and partners. The WG provides this meeting place LBTQ identified women from all walks of life and across the political, economic, social, spectrums to come together and meet each other. 

The Women's Gathering is a regular gathering of Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Queer women and women-identified peoples and friends for mingling, meeting, and community building. We promote women in music by featuring local Jerusalem musicians as well as bringing musicians to Jerusalem from other parts of the country.  We promote women in the arts by giving local artists the opportunity to showcase their work in pop-up installations in cooperation with the local venues.  The event is hosted each time at a different venue in the city. Each venue that participates is added to our list of "Gay Friendly" businesses in Jerusalem.  It has brought together thousands of women over the past three years and is the longest--running (and only) event for LBTQ women in the Holy City.

Th WG started out as a no-budget initiative, paid for out of pocket by the founder because she believes whole-heartedly in the need particularly in Jerusalem for this event.  Over time the event has grown large and successful and with this productions costs have also increased. But it has remained an important value and a logistical necessity to keep the event free to permit everyone (especially poor members of the community) to attend. It has become impossible to continue to produce the event without funding.  Without funding, Jerusalem would lose one of its cultural treasures.  We are looking for a grant to cover production costs, keep the event running, expand our activities and reach as well as help us develop a long-term plan for making the event as self-sustaining as possible.  

Many women depend on this event as their ONLY way to meet other LBTQ women in Jerusalem.  And the event also attracts women from all over Israel to travel to Jerusalem to enjoy the unique cultural experience.  The continuation and expansion of this event will only enrich Jerusalem as the cultural capital of Israel and make the society more open and inclusive of diversity.

No grants received yet


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