ZAKA - Search and Rescue

We lead the way in 2 defining fields: Chesed shel Emet (ensuring full burial in unnatural death) and Search & Rescue. As ZAKA is the sole agency handling incidents of this nature in Israel, all volunteers are trained in the practical & halachic aspects of recovering human remains, honouring the dead
Location: Jerusalem , Israel
Year founded: 1995


We are a unique volunteer organization with a unique mission - to ensure a full Jewish burial for victims of unnatural death, be it accident, terror attack or natural disaster.

ZAKA is a well-known and respected fixture of Israeli society. According to a TRI/Yediot Poll undertaken 3 months ago, it is the joint second favourite organisation in Israel (only beaten by the IDF) with an approval rating of 86.8%.  We are also recognized by the United Nations as an international humanitarian organization.

Besides, ZAKA has an international rescue unit which is ready to be deployed at any given moment to international disasters (most recently the earthquake in Nepal, typhoon in the Philippines, earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, and more). 

ZAKA is seeking funding for psychological and therapeutic support for our volunteers, which are exposed to traumatic scenes on a daily basis.

No grants received yet


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