Valley Eruv Project- Request $24,000 to Fund One Year of Service

The Valley Eruv Project serves the Jewish community in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley. It is an essential part of the Jewish community and has enhanced the way that many community members celebrate Shabbat on a weekly basis.
Year founded: 2010


The Valley Eruv Project is a collaborative effort of four Scottsdale and Phoenix congregations that designed, permitted , constructed, and now maintain an Eruv for the direct benefit of the Jewish community residing between the Eruv’s boundaries, SR-51 to the west, Loop 101 to the east, the Central Arizona Project Canal to the north, and the Arizona Canal to the south. It serves large portions of Scottsdale and Phoenix, and encompasses all of Paradise Valley.

What is an Eruv?

An Eruv is a phyisical perimeter that completely surrounds a designated area, allowing carrying outdoors on Shabbos. Eruvin have been constructed in communities for thousands of years, and serve to enhance the celebration of Shabbos through shared communal experiences, particularly benefiting Jewish women and young children as well as the elderly and disabled.  Through a large Eruv, young families may, within the parameters of Jewish law, push children in strollers and bring needed supplies to synagogue and friends’ homes.  A large Eruv also allows families of varied observance levels and denominations to attend one another’s life-cycle celebrations, such as bar and bat mitzvahs, even if the walking distance necessitates carrying keys, water, and medications or pushing wheelchairs and strollers.

What can this grant provide?

The Valley Eruv Project is applying for this grant in order to support one year of operations or $24,000. In order for the Eruv to be effective it must be checked, maintained, and occasionally redesigned. Relative to the scope of the Valley Eruv Project and the benefits derived by hundreds of local Jewish families the maintenance cost is minimal. This grant will have a dollar for dollar impact that will result in tangible benefits on the community level.

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