From Argentina to the rest of the world, we are creating a Tikun Olam technological solution that integrate Jewish organizations into the society everyday life.

Location: Buenos Aires , Capital Federal
Year founded: 2014


My Name is Mariano, known to his friends as Nano, hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. An entrepreneur and an athlete, I'm highly family-oriented and committed to my community and history. After receiving a B.A. degree, I have spent the last ten years working in business development, with a specialization in promoting marketing technologies in the U.S., Latin America, and Spain. My involvement with the Jewish community increased following the terrorist attack on AMIA (1994), when I began to volunteer at the Department of Community Assistance (DAIA), and where I ultimately took on leadership roles for nearly 12 years. 
My innovative Holocaust remembrance project won a prize and led me participate in the March of the Living and the Shoah Generations project, where I took on the living voice of Holocaust survivor Jack Fuchs. I also a love to do sports and I'm softball enthusiast, and represented the Hacoaj Club for over 17 years, playing in national and international competitions. 
Nowadays I'm currently a team leader at and is a member of the Latin American Jewish Congress and BridgeIT, the Argentinian Software Chamber of Commerce.

AppRight combines business with philanthropy in a win-win situation for the Jew Community. Every person downloads the app into their phone and answers a short market research survey. At the completion of the survey AppRight donates a small amount of money to the Jewish non-profit Organization of the user’s choice. AppRight’s innovative technological solution that also helps to the Jewish organization to expose their self and communicate their activities inside an Application, and is also a new way of fund raising for non-profits and a new kind of space where people can, by taking just a few minutes of their time on their smartphones, can support their community at no financial cost to themselves.

We are 3 founders, Jewish and social entrepreneurs, very active in our community, and we think in AppRight as a Tikun Olam idea from the basis. Where we believe that we can create something to cut the social injustice that we have in our society. Many of the NGOs that receive the money are Jew, as "ieladeinu", "Jabad", "Gesed Group", and "Tzedaka". So we help them to have more money for their mission helping people with basic needs, and also to communicate all the activities that they make (Trough the platform). Community builders. We are not only helping the Jewish communities in Argentina, we are also integrating them in the rest of the society and communities. Creating a huge impact.

With the Grant Opportunity we can improve the technological solution and we can invest money to make it popular in the organizations. Creating strategies to communicate the solution, and bring the jew community to the technological union.

No grants received yet


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