We Shalom

Apart from creating a network dedicated to exchanging of ideas and creating connections worldwide, we support young members of Jewish communities by sharing good practice, funding their projects together with linking interesting local ideas to bigger global organizations.
Location: Kraków
Year founded: 2011


About Jewrnalism Foundation:

Big Jewish organizations or projects ordered top-down demand that creative and young Jews should follow the fixed working patterns. Conversely, younger members of Jewish communities, who are eager to start something in a fresh and new way, many times have to conform to their organization policy, planned idea of the management, budget restraints or ideas of a particular people rather than focus on a project itself and its execution as well as their contribution to the development of their Jewish community. It is quite often that limitations are in abundance and because of these young people frequently give up on their ideas, dreams or aspirations.

Apart from creating a network dedicated to exchanging of ideas and creating connections worldwide, it is our mission to support young members of Jewish communities by sharing good practice, sharing know-how, funding their projects together with linking interesting local ideas to bigger global organizations. We enable people to pursuit their dreams and ideas by helping them in the realm of arrangements, formalities, and finance. To enumerate, we administer projects and technical background, we help in applying for financial assistance and events accounting; furthermore, we support acquiring prospective project partners such as global Jewish organizations.

“I believe that development of our communities should be closely related to innovation, respect and quality. In fact it relies on helping individual members and supporting their ideas and it can be acquired chiefly by overcoming obstacles. Their task is to dream, while our task is to execute their dreams.”
Klaudia Klimek

The Club


The Club- are exlusive saturday evening meetings for invited Jews in Krakow in age between 27-45, educated with high socio-economic positions  during which they can discuss Jewish community issues and meet  distiguished invited specialy for this purpose guests.

In informal surrounding we would like to create safe space for exluded from the Krakow community Jews in top of their carreer where they can express their opinions and concerns about contemporary and future issues of our community. In each meeting there will be taking part journalists from weShalom.pl which will gather information and in articles published on our web site present conclusions and major ideas so other members of our community will have chance to get know them and join discussion in open forum on our portal. As well for each meeting we will invite guest connected to Jewish community (writer, actor, politician,NGO activists) that will give tone to our discussion and fresh look on certain issues.


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What is the mission and purpose of this program?


Integrate ( not integrated now) Jews in age 27-45 in Krakow with high socio-economic status, educated into our Jewish community and encourage them for work for our Jewish communities

Create new opinions and ideas about contemporary Jewish community issues

Publish articles that would sum up meetings so other members of community will have access to new ideas and opinion and will be able to join discussion in public forum

Generate movement on weshalom.pl web site and made from this web site opinion making polish Jewish forum

Give access to distinguished personas to certain group of our community

Create safe space that would exists beyond existing Jewish organizations engaged in political conflicts, where the opinions and discussion can happen without further consequences for certain people

Create first after the War salon there Jewish intelligentsia can meet and feel comfortable


In 12 months we plan:

To create 24 meetings

Invite 24 guests

Invite on each meeting between 15-30 Jews in age 27-45

We will create 24 articles for weshalom.pl Social section


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Program Description

Beneficiaries are 

-Jews in age between 27-45 from Krakow Jewish community. Now we can pretict that between 20 -30 people will attend meetings, we pretidt this number to rise

- readers of weshalom.pl which are member of Polish Jewish community in number 1000

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Demonstrated Need

In polish Jewish community we have one problem that almost no one wants to speak about. Jews who are integrated into polish society, higly educated, rich are not integrated into our communities because they dont find equal people that they can speak with and hang out with. Our communities are based on two groups- young people (18-25) students, discovering their Jewish roots and Holocaust survivors and Kids of Holocaust in (age 55- 80+). 

We have huge generation gap of people in age 27-50 and as well a gap of Jews from certain circles that before the war were called intelligentsia and after the War those circles never renewed and no body created space for them.

Jewish community members are mostly people who receive certain profits from being active member of Jewish community. Young people can travel and expend and elderly people receive help ( medicine, food, entertainment)

Jews who comes from well estbalished families are not finding in our community nothing that could interest them. They are already developed, educated, they earn money, they travel by the selves and they are not religious.

Thats why I would like to create a place for them where they all can meet each other, become friends, have place to express themselves and not become righ away member of certain organization which make them righ away put in a conflict with other organizations.

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Program Accomplishments

The idea started in January 2015, when me and my friend started to make saturday lunches for group of our Jewish friends. We met, talk about different things. It was very informal, private and nothing that was said in this apartment was comming out. Even if one of journalists  wrote an articles later based on those meetings no names were said. Weshalom took responsability for all opinions.Last articles published on weshalom.pl created huge discussion in our community. we try to be objective and not to stand at any of sides. our purpose is to generate new ideas and opinions and throw them to readers where they can comment and do with it whatever they want. We published already 10 articles http://weshalom.pl/category/spolecznosc for which me as a chief editor of weshalom.pl and my friend journalist are taking responsability

In June we had already on our meetings 15 people and the lists of guests is growing but the apartment is small and we can not afford to host people in this small space as well we can not afford to buy twice a week so much food from our private money.

Thats why we thought about renting tourists nice apartments for those meetings twice a month. Why not using exisitng rooms of certiand NGO? Because we dont want to make our guests feel that they become part of the system that they become member of any of this organization. Thats why everytime it will be different apartment, different people, different guests. The only one stable thing will be the idea of safe space where they can exchange their opinions. 

prepare better food and have money to bring from other cities famous people, guests that would bring freshness to our discussions and create new starting points of each of our meetings.

Our guests now are Jews from Krakow, lawyers, doctors, journalists, NGO activists, young politicians, workers of banks.

We would like to take our meetings into higher level so it will be more suitable for the purposes of meetings and people we invite in. 

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How do you measure the success of your program?

As I said before , now for those last 8 months we could notice how the idea is developing, how many people come , what they are talking about and how later readers are interested in those opinions even if they are sometimes harsh. Measure of our succes will be number of our guests during meetings and number of readers as well number of comments under articles.

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