Dror Israel

Dror Israel's 21st century Zionist pioneering transforms Israeli society through education and social action

Location: Tel Aviv , Israel
Year founded: 1994


Dror Israel is a pioneering educational movement whose mission is to effect meaningful, long-term educational and social change in Israeli society in order to promote solidarity, social activism, democracy and equality. We aim to form the grassroots nucleus of an exemplary society in Israel based on the vision of the prophets of Israel and the founders of Zionism.

“This I once called, ‘the endless ideal.’ And I do really believe that Zionism will not cease to be an ideal even after we obtain our land, the land of Israel. Because Zionism, as I understand it, is not only the aspiration to legally acquire a safe land for our unfortunate nation, but also the aspiration for moral and spiritual perfection.” – Theodore Herzl

Dror Israel emphasizes participation from every sector of Israeli society, including Ethiopian and Russian immigrants, Arab Israelis, Druze and Bedouins, and middle class and working class communities. In the past decade, Dror Israel has established 16 Educators’ kibbutzim in the social and geographic periphery of Israel. There are currently 1,200 young adults living in these kibbutzim, all in their 20s and 30s, who work daily in the organization’s educational, cultural and social activities with over 100,000 children, teens and adults.

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