100 Days of Transparency

Let's make people more involved in politics and enable the public to take matters into their own hands
Location: Tel Aviv
Year founded: 2014


This projects aims to make people in Israel more involved in politics, with the goal of working together to exert pressure on Members of the Parliament to legislate transparency laws (Sunshine laws) and promote other initiatives.

Increasingly, the world is seeing the politicization and polarization of media sources, often funded by, or run by a management devoted to specific interest groups.

Over my last 10 years as a journalist in Israel, I have become frustrated with this phenomenon and have decided for the first time ever, to ask people to take matters into their own hands. We tell a very different story – one that is not sanctioned by media outlets and by the powers that run them but truly demands accountability from the persons and institutions that are meant to serve us.

We also lead a first ever public-lobby project. It aims to fight for the true interests of the general public, by allowing the donors to decide a course of action for a highly trained lobbyist that serves only them.


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