There are a variety of factors that are increasing the rates of fertility challenges, many feel marginalized by their own peers. The Jewish population has not responded as a collective despite its focus on reproduction. Uprooted will provide support via its mentor program, blog and conference.
Location: Needham , MA
Year founded: 2014


Uprooted aims to create a more thoughtful and informed Jewish community, across all denominations, that embraces men and women struggling with fertility. Uprooted will create a mentor program to model best practices providing support in connecting individuals throughout the Jewish community enduring fertility issues. It will also have a blog to raise awareness of the prevalence of varied fertility journeys in the Jewish community. Uprooted will share best practices by convening the field of Jewish professionals and lay leaders in responding to Jewish fertility journeys in local communities via a conference. Uprooted is requesting funding to build this organization to ensure that Jews have access to fertility support from a Jewish perspective and from the Jewish community at large. Uprooted is in the process of becoming a 501C3 non-profit organization.

No grants received yet


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