Chidusz Jewish Foundation

Chidusz Jewish Foundation is dedicated to promoting and educating about current and future Jewish life in Poland through eyes of young adults. We engage younger generation so they can create the Jewish life as they see fit for themselves and their kids. We work to enagage in dialogue and tolerance.
Location: Wroclaw , Poland
Year founded: 2015


Chidusz Jewish Foundation is dedicated to enriching and developing Jewish tradition, culture and life in Poland, bridging gaps between Poles and Jews and other minorities; developing civil society. Its goal is to work against intolerance and racism and to build a common dialogue platform for people of different faiths and races. These objectives are achieved by educational project: a monthly magazine – Chidusz, dedicated to educating, promoting and discussing current Jewish and Polish – Jewish relations in Poland and beyond. Chidusz is also a medium of reaching out to a broader Jewish and non-Jewish population in Poland, Europe, Israel and the US.

Chidusz Jewish Foundation was established in May 2015 as a growing initiative that commenced its project in 2013 under the auspices of the Jewish Community of Wroclaw. Chidusz magazine developed from a small leaflet
to a monthly magazine that discusses topics on Jewish issues in Poland, Europe and Israel. Chidusz is an
educational project through which we reach out to members of Jewish communities in Poland, their family and
friends and a broader network of Jewish organizations and Jewishly affiliated adults from all over the world.
Now, as the project is being developed further, an independent body was established to run and oversee the

Since October 2013, the starting date of publishing Chidusz, 19 number of issues have been published. Chidusz
is printed as a monthly magazine. Chidusz and its team is always part of the biggest events in Poland, e.g.
opening of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, exhibitions presented in the White Stork Synagogue in
Wroclaw, opening of the first in Poland kosher coffee shop in Wroclaw, the commemorations of Warsaw Ghetto
Uprising. We have also published interviews with leading Jewish activists: Konstanty Gebert, Stanislaw Krajewski, Marian Turski, Barbara Kirschenblatt – Gimblett.
We discuss issues important for the Jewish world such as: elections in Israel, social development as well as issues related to current Jewish life in Poland, e.g. Jewish Festivals, reemerging Jewish communities.
Chidusz, based in Wroclaw and affiliated with Jewish Community in Wroclaw, is organizing (or coorganizing)
events in the Jewish Community.
Chidusz is partnering with CIZ CAFÉ, the first and only kosher coffee shop in Poland, on organizing many events:
lectures on Jewish Wroclaw in the past and today with leading Jewish and non-Jewish historians, Chidusz was
partnering with Abraham Geiger College during their ordination ceremony in Wroclaw’s White Stork Synagogue.
Chidusz hosts guests from all over the world, e.g. Elisabeth Winkelman, founder of Challah for Hunger project.
Chidusz is also a partner and coorganizer, with the Jewish Community of Wroclaw, of Hanukah Cultural Festival in

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