B Corp Israel

B Corp Israel supports high-impact social entrepreneurs solving Israel and the world’s greatest development challenges. We bring global best practices in impact investing to Israeli social businesses in order to improve impact measurement and reporting, grow access to capital, and build community.

Location: Tel Aviv
Year founded: 2015


How do impact investors really know if a social business is doing good? How can social businesses measure, track, and find new ways to improve their social and environmental impact? What tools do mission-driven businesses have to meaningfully communicate their impact to stakeholders? And to attract capital from impact investors within Israel and abroad?  

Welcome to B Corp Israel. We are a team of volunteer leaders bringing the methodology of B Lab – the global leader in the rating and certification of impact businesses, and the gold standard for impact investors around the world – to Israel’s social entrepreneurs. B Corp is recognized by the New York Times as “the new yardstick for socially conscious companies” and comprises a global community of over 1,500 certified companies, with another 25,000 relying on B Corp’s impact assessment methodology each year.

We help Israeli social businesses leverage B Corp’s tools to become best in class. These tools include a rigorous audit of social and environmental practices (the “B Impact Assessment”), benchmarking of impact against peer data, identifying and implementing best practices to enhance impact, and generating impact reports that communicate the change they are making to the world’s top impact investors. Increasingly, Israeli social entrepreneurs are competing on a global stage. We give them the tools they need to succeed and lead within the world’s impact investing sector.

What’s more, we create community. Too often, Israel’s for-profit social entrepreneurs are left in the cold. They are shunned by our ‘traditional’ social business sector for seeking the profit levels that are required for accessing capital and scaling their impact. They shy away from venture capitalists likely to jettison their social mission in a hot second if it means faster, bigger profits. And they are generally misunderstood and underestimated within the mainstream startup culture as misguided do-gooders.

B Corp Israel gives these crazy for-profit social changemakers a home. We believe they hold the key to many of Israel and the world’s social challenges, represent the best and brightest of Israel's mission-driven entrepreneurs, and attract a following from international audiences eager to see the many ways that Israel does good in the world.

Please support us as we partner with organizations throughout Israel’s impact investing sector – accelerators, educators, funders and conveners – to amplify the impact of our country’s incredible social entrepreneurs. Together, we help Israel do good for the world. 

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