Urban Adamah

In just 4 years our farm has evolved into a thriving gathering place for the Bay Area Jewish community. We feel grateful every day that we get to do what we do: help people make connections to the earth, to themselves and to each other, and to build a more loving, just and sustainable world.

Location: Berkeley , California
Year founded: 2010


Urban Adamah is an educational farm and community center in Berkeley, California, that integrates the practices of Jewish tradition, sustainable agriculture, mindfulness and social action to build loving, just and sustainable communities. We provide educational programs and community celebrations for more than 8,000 visitors a year, as well as a residential fellowship program for young adults that combines organic farming, progressive Jewish living and social justice internships. Urban Adamah also offers innovative, farm-based programs for school-age children, including Hebrew School on the Farm and summer camp. Our organic farm produces a diverse yield of crops, all of which we donate to the local community through food banks and our weekly Free Farm Stand. The people we work with constantly animate our passion for this work. Here is what one of our Urban Adamah Fellows had to say: I have had a hard time feeling accepted by other Jewish communities in my life, trouble finding a kind of Judaism that applied to me. At Urban Adamah, I have found an approach to Judaism that aligns with my beliefs and asks the questions I want to ask. It’s amazing. I leave here feeling inspired to find and/or create Jewish community in my life in a way that I never thought was possible. –Alison , Spring 2014 And this, from a regular Free Farm Stand client: “When my mom and I first heard about the farm, we didn’t really know what to expect. So, we walked over and met someone who was very nice. We soon learned that this wasn’t a typical farm, and that it was and is a place of love, growth, music and happiness. It’s beautiful here, and more people need to know about it. But I also want to keep as much kale as I can for myself! In any event, I love everything about the farm: the vegetables, staff, and fellows alike, and I hope it continues for years to come!” -Yana We seek both operating and capital funding as we build our new, permanent 2.2 acre site in Berkeley. Many of our individual supporters have pledged support to the capital campaign, which has resulted in decreased funding for operating support for the coming year. We welcome project, general operating or capital support.

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