Creative Bridges

'Creative Bridges' supports and connects Israeli independent musicians. Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both), when combined and connected, produce beauty and expression of emotion.
Location: Tel Aviv , Israel
Year founded: 2015


'Creative Bridges' empowers, supports and connects Israeli musicians. We give them financial and professional support, to turn their musical dreams into a meaningful reality. By connecting talented musicians from diverse backgrounds, music becomes a creative bridge for expression. 

My name is Shirlee Harel, Toronto-born and moved to Tel Aviv 7 years ago. Since moving to Israel, I have led various social change projects and have worked in the non-profit sector. Currently I work as the Executive Director of Lev Ohev, a non-profit organization that supports Israeli children and youth at risk. I also founded and mange the Imaginarium Collective, a boutique consulting company, offering strategic alignment and branding services for non-profits and start ups. 

My first name in Hebrew, Shirlee, meaning 'sing for me'. I have played the piano since the age of 7 and have picked up some guitar techniques over the years. I am drawn to creative minds and have surrounded myself with musicians whenever possible. Since I was a child, I have always connected to music and it's profound power of connecting between people. Music sooths my soul and has hugged me through both wonderful and challenging periods of my life. Music has a unique way of therapeutically allowing people to share their personal stories, at depths that are tough to reach with daily communication. I have produced various musical performances with well known Israeli artists such as Idan Raichel and various independent artists. 

To launch 'Creative Bridges' I plan to produce a live concert in Jaffa, Israel, in June 2016. The event will take place at 'Gan Hapisga' in Jaffa, an outdoor stadium that looks over Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Independent musicians, at the early stages of their development, will be given a stage to share their talent and passion with each other and the crowd. Musicians from various religious backgrounds will perform their original songs, sharing their dreams, ideologies, hopes and fears through music.

This grant will support me in setting up the platform necessary to produce this unique launch event. The funds will be used to set up a website, brand and market the event, recruit sponsors and fund the technical production. Attendees of the launch concert will donate at whatever level they can, as opposed to buying a ticket. All of the funds raised at the event will be collecting in the 'Creative Bridges Fund'. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the independent Israeli musicians to help them pursue their musical dreams, whether it be recording an album, vocal lessons, or an international tour. 

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