Creative Development Association

Our innovation is that we are working at prevention of failure from an early age, rather than curing it later in life; in May 2015 our founder and director Tamir Cohen was awarded the JDC-Israel Ashalim Prize for social innovation for our approach.
Location: Matzuba , DN Western Galilee
Year founded: 2010


The vision of TheCreative Development Association is that every child in Israel should have the opportunity and the means to reach their full potential in society, regardless of their socio-economic background or school environment.  Thus our mission is the development of an educational model nurturing, from their first year of life, children at risk of missing their potential, so as to bring them to excellence.   

To achieve this we work to bring hope and aspiration to the peripheral communities of Israel by nurturing children in these communities.  We work with children individually, from their first year in life up until they start school.  We work closely with their families, pre-schools and social services, enhancing their formal pre-school and school education and family upbringing with a tailored therapeutic educational program we have devised – we can provide further detailed information on our specific program on request.  Our approach is based on research[1] which shows that for every dollar invested in this way, the state receives back more than $13 in savings (mainly crime-related costs) and additional revenue (including tax revenues due to enhanced earning potential of the children in later life).

At present we work with a limited number of families in the Ma'ale Yosef region, but we seek funds to expand our reach in terms of both numbers and geography

[1]The HighScope Perry Preschool Study looked at the benefit to the public purse over forty years of programs with children born in poverty and at high risk of failing in school.

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