Cheder Arizona

Cheder Arizona is an exciting Jewish grassroots school dedicated to exposing and developing our students intrinsic natural strengths, in both knowledge and character.
Location: Phoenix , Arizona
Year founded: 2013


Cheder Lubavitch Arizona was founded in 2013 with a small 1st grade class. Now in 2015, we have tripled our enrollment, which was the impetus for moving to our new, larger campus. Children are engaged in a comprehensive and challenging dual Judaica and secular studies curriculum, while being inspired to develop and expose their intrinsic natural talents and strengths.  Parental involvement (many of whom are educators in their own right) is strong and heavily invested in the children's successes. We welcome all Jewish children regardless of background or affiliation. 

Our school has adopted the “Zekelman Standards” providing Judaic standards comparable to the“common core” standards adopted for secular studies. The Zekelman standards have been implemented to ensure a high level of excellence and to guarantee that no child is slips behind his grade level. Secular studies are in compliance with Arizona State Standards and textbooks used are compatible with the Common Core curriculum. Each student is receiving knowledge and instruction on (but not limited to) prayer, Chumash, Hebrew reading & writing, Jewish holidays, Yiddish language, math using the "Go Math" program, and utilizing the "Journey's" program for science, social studies and language arts. 

As you can see, our goals are totally focused around our students and all around development. With that in mind, our financial resources have needed to be prioritized. We are working with tuition organizations and other funding sources to try to fulfill their educational needs. But, they're also kids, and they need to be safe and to play, and we need your help with that. We are hoping for your partnership in helping our kids have a secure fence and play area.

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