The Phoenix Mikvah inc.

The Phoenix Mikvah will enhance and encourage the observance of "Tharat Hamishpacha" (Family Purity) and provide educational opportunities for people from all backgrounds to explore this Mitzvah. We will have a resource center to help women who are facing infertility and strained marriages.
Location: Phoenix , az
Year founded: 2014


The Phoenix Mikvah is a non profit organization (tax deductible) in the process of building a beautiful Mikvah in Central Phoenix. This Mikvah will provide a pleasant and uplifting experience to women of all backgrounds who observe family purity. The Mikvah represents the future of the Jewish people to such an extent that even our most sacred object, the Torah scroll may be sold in order to build a Mikvah.

The Phoenix Mikvah owns a centrally located property and has raised close to 2/3 of the funds needed for the project.   

Why does our community need a Mikvah?

·  The closest Mikvah is two miles away making it inaccessible on Shabbat and Yom Tov.

·  Due to communal growth the current Mikvah is too small to support the whole community.

·  To build a state of the art Mikvah to enhance and encourage women from all backgrounds in the observance of "Taharat Hamishpacha" (family purity)

·  To provide education and awareness about family purity

Are there any other services, that the Mikvah is planning to provide for the community? 

  Yes! The Mikvah plans to be a resource on many family issues that a women may face. For example:

·  Infertility

·  Mental health

·  Domestic violence

·  Marital issues

Where will my donation go?

It goes directly to our building fund. There are no salaries and almost no overhead expenses.

We are looking for grants to help us complete the project and enable US to build JEWISH FAMILIES, OUR FUTURE!!!

No grants received yet


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