The Well

Intimate and joyous Shabbat dinners; raucous Passover Seders; personalized attention; radically welcoming; network weaving and community building; shared interest groups; committed to empowerment.

Location: West Bloomfield , MI
Year founded: 2015


The Well is a pluralistic Jewish community building, education and spirituality outreach initiative geared to the needs of young adults and those who haven't connected with traditional institutions in Metro Detroit. Our belief is that Jewish community, ethics, values, and spirituality can and should be directly applicable to our lives, and should drive us to positively impact the world around us.

A significant number of millennials are choosing to call Metro Detroit home given the renaissance taking place in the city. As is the trend nationally, young adults and young families have many activities and social networks competing for their time, and their affiliation with traditional institutions such as synagogues has waned. The Well was thus created as a relationship-based outreach and community building initiative. Our goal is to provide mechanisms for connecting and inspiring a passion for Jewish living in those not currently linked to traditional Jewish institutions. The intent of The Well is to “raise the tide” of Jewish connectivity to the benefit of all Jewish institutions in Metro Detroit by finding ways to combat the demographic and generational realities as uncovered in the recent Pew Report, exciting unaffiliated and under-affiliated Jews to become actively involved in a Jewish community that speaks to them.

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