Achoti (Sister) for Women in Israel

Achoti (Sister) is active throughout Israel, working to promote the status, culture, and visibility of marginalized women. Achoti’s goal is to promote social, economic and cultural justice from a Feminist viewpoint that combines ethnicity, social class, nationality, and gender.
Location: Tel Aviv
Year founded: 2000


Achoti (Sister) – for Women in Israel was founded in the year 2000 by feminist social activists to unite women from the various ethnic and social backgrounds throughout Israel to promote tolerance, equality, human rights and dignity.  Achoti is a grassroots Mizrahi[1]  feminist movement aimed at addressing the needs of women who are not part of Israel’s social hegemony and whose voices are seldom heard in the public discourse: women from disadvantaged, disempowered and low-income socio-economic groups, and distressed women on the cultural and geographic peripheries of Israel, including women from Mizrahi origin, Ethiopians, Russian speaking, Arabs, Bedouins, migrant workers and others, between the ages of 19 – 75.  Achoti's agenda is tailored to the unique-cultural context in Israeli society by celebrating the diversity of Israeli women from different cultures and origins.  The movement's goal is to promote issues of social and economic justice from a Feminist viewpoint that combines ethnicity, identity, social class, nationality and gender.

Achoti aspires to forge - within a harsh social context of multiple interlocking modes of marginalization - an empowered feminist community which will concertedly act against oppression of  low-income women, support social justice, ensure physical and emotional safety for all women in their respective communities and struggle against the continued oppression and marginalization of women of racial and ethnic minorities anywhere.

Achoti celebrates the diversity of women from different cultures and origins and does not discriminate nor oppresses individuals or segments of society.  Therefore, Achoti’s agenda is tailored to a unique ethnic-cultural context in the Israeli society.  Achoti works on behalf of disempowered women and seeks to push to the forefront issues women face on the cultural and geographic peripheries of Israel, such as unemployment, low wages, discrimination, exploitation, and the lack of access to resources, such as, legal aid, courses, information, etc.  Achoti addresses with issues women face by focusing on the root causes and creating unique and innovative strategies towards issues of economic security, class, gender, war and peace, which are all woven into the fabric of social change at its most basic level.  Achoti is a pioneer in the work of setting an alternative agenda within Israel and the surrounding region and facilitates nationwide grassroots projects with the explicit goal of supporting cooperatives of women that foster the self-empowerment of women and income generation.  Achoti is also committed to promote building an economic infrastructure based on cooperation, principles of fair trade and the cultivation of harmonic and caring partnerships. 

[1] Mizrahi means ‘eastern’ in Hebrew and is a term to describe Jews from Arab and Muslim countries.

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