Club Z

Club Z will provide teens with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take action and stand up to anti-Semitism, bias, and ignorance. The group envisions a relevant, and exciting youth Zionist movement that will raise a new generation of passionate, positive, and unapologetic Zionists.

Location: San Mateo , California
Year founded: 2012


These are challenging times for Jews around the world.  Jewish high school students need to have a "vaccination" to prepare themselves for the hostile environment that they will encounter on their college campus.  Historically, there hasn't been an effective "vaccination" program where Jewish high school students can be prepared for the challenges that they will certainly encounter.

Now there is Club Z.  Using experiential learning techniques, social media, and community building, the organization has already started to make an impact on the young men and women who have joined.   The program combines a strong educational program, hands on training in leadership and advocacy with socializing and fun activities.  As one teen described it, "Club Z is Fun Jewcation!"  The organization focuses on the teens but involves the whole family and the greater community. For many of the teens and their families, Club Z is the first and only connection with Zionism and the greater Jewish community.

Club Z operated for three years as a totally volunteer organization.  Funding has been obtained for the founder, Masha Merkulova, to be able to leave her previous career as an OB-GYN nurse and focus full time on Club Z.  The Club currently operates in a single location but is situating itself for replication to a national program.

Club Z is looking for grant opportunities in two areas:

1.  Funding for an educational trip to Israel for the Senior Group

2.  Funding for hiring staff and opening up Club Z chapters in other areas

No grants received yet


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