Blue&White Human Rights

The human rights issue is exploited by human rights organizations that use this value to bash Israel. The "BWHR" operates to improve Israel's image by presenting a true picture of the human rights situation. The movement challenges the organizations that use this value for anti Israel politics.
Location: Jerusalem
Year founded: 2013


The Institute for Zionist Strategies seeks to contribute to the success of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish People that safeguards its Jewish and democratic values. With the understanding that it is Zionism that promised and empowers our existence as a free, sovereign and moral nation in which human rights are an indivisible part, and recognizing that the aspiration to implement the human rights of Jews is intrinsically bound to our obligation to ensure human rights for all individuals within the Jewish State's authority. There for The Institute for Zionist Strategies has established the Blue&White Human Rights (BWHR) Movement. The movement projects a non-political, “national liberal” orientation with the goal of: safeguarding human rights; focusing on improving the efforts of our authorities through the application of constructive criticism; creating discourse about the role and conduct of human rights organizations today; and preventing the exploitation of human rights issues to promote geo-political aims. Several human rights organizations operate today in Israel and are engaged in important activities for human rights relating to the Arab-Israel conflict and to the safeguarding of the rights of the Palestinian population. However, at the same time, these organizations reject Israel’s legitimacy as a Jewish State and are actively engaged in the boycott of Israel (BDS) and in other defamatory efforts. Most of these organizations are financed by foreign governments which have pro-Palestinian agendas. The IZS has established the Blue&White Human Rights Movement, out of a true and sincere concern for human rights in the belief that this is a moral imperative, regardless of political orientation, and out of the desire to create an alternative to the organizations which aims and practices confuse the cause of advocacy for human rights with political action to vilify, demean and delegitimize the State of Israel before the world. Blue&White Human Rights Movement, which is an umbrella for three projects, each of which is involved in a different aspect of the defense of human dignity and freedom: 1.The Blue&White Crossings Project - active in the area of crossing points across Judea and Samaria. 2.Moral Medicine - working in order to implement the right to equal access to health services to all populations without consideration of race, religion, or gender. 3.Purity of Arms - working in order to engage in education and promoting moral values and Zionist values in warfare among young students in high-schools, youth in risk and more. Our volunteers for this project are former IDF soldiers who served in combat units and experienced meaningful service.

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