Alliance Community Reboot (ACRe)

Alliance Community Reboot (ACRe), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, seeks to rebuild Jewish farm-based community in South New Jersey, on the site of the Alliance Colony, the first Jewish agricultural society in North America.

Location: Pittsgrove Township , NJ
Year founded: 2016


In 1882 a group of 43 Jewish families emigrated from Russia to escape persecution and, aided by the Baron de Hirsch fund, formed The Alliance Colony in south NJ, the first Jewish agricultural community in North America. Led by Moses Bayuk, the colonists farmed successfully for several decades. Generations later, most Jews had left the area and sold their farmland. Only a handful of Jewish landowners remained.

William and Malya Levin first conceived of Alliance Community Reboot in 2014. As the great-great grandson of Moses Bayuk, leader of the Alliance Colony, William had never truly connected with his Jewish agricultural roots or the ancestral farmland his family still owned. Inspired by their first visit to the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center for Sukkahfest, William and Malya realized they had the potential to contribute to the Jewish farming movement, which has experienced a resurgence among the younger generation of American Jews.

We are building an active farm with strong Jewish and agricultural education components, rooted in the values of sustainability, food justice and Jewish education. The farmhouse, nearby historic synagogue and surrounding 60 acres of fields and woodland has begun to serve as a Jewish cultural and educational hub for neighboring communities, as well as temporary residence for advanced farm fellowships.

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