Fuente Latina

Fuente Latina (FL) increases US Hispanic and Latin American support for Israel by empowering Latino journalists to cover Israel accurately regardless of geographic location. FL is the only pro-Israel organization engaging the global Spanish media in real-time.
Location: Miami, Florida, Israel and Madrid , Florida
Year founded: 2012


Fuente Latina (FL) increases U.S. Hispanic and Latin American support for Israel by empowering Latino journalists to cover Israel accurately regardless of their geographic location. FL is the only pro-Israel organization engaging the global Spanish media in real-time. FL is dedicated to developing communication strategies that positively impact Spanish, U.S. Latino and Latin American media coverage of Israel, while combating inaccurate reporting. Fuente Latina’s mission is to increase U.S. Hispanicand Latin American support for Israel by ensuring that global Spanish language media have the facts they need - before and when the news stories break - to accurately cover Israel and the Middle East, regardless of their geographic location.

The framework for forming FL was based on an assessment of how the media steers anti-Semitic beliefs and related veracities. FL identified a critical void in the Latino media market: Hundreds of Latino journalists write about Israel and the Middle East from abroad, but pro-Israel Spanish language media content and professional experts are limited. The Iranians and Hezbollah have their own 24/7 Spanish language TV news networks that broadcast anti-Israel stories, but Israel doesn’t have an international Spanish language news outlet to counter these lies. FL seeks to change this reality by emerging as the number one source for Spanish language media covering stories related to Israel and the Middle East. FL’s core programs consist of outreach, relationship building and consistent follow-up with top Latino journalists. Dedicated and structured to work exclusively with media, FL has instituted proven strategies and follow-up mechanisms to engage journalists – when they visit Israel and once back home - that yield long-term results.

FL identified a void in the Latino media market that urgently needed to be filled. In its first 24 months, FL’s 3-man team facilitated 800 interviews, 300 in the first 30 days of Operation Protective Edge.To date, FL has facilitated more than 1,200 interviews with journalists based in Spain, the U.S and throughout Latin America; educating an estimated 279 million Latinos worldwide and generating 18,000 print, radio and TV news stories about Israel and other related strategic topics such as Iran. Other key successes include:

• Together with the Jerusalem Press Club and CEJP, FL set up a Latino Media Center for global Spanish language press covering the Papal visit to Israel in May 2014. Five philanthropists invested over $250,000 in the project. We worked with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government Press Office, engaging + 400 journalists in 21 countries.

• Organized 5 media missions in 2 years, 3 in cooperation with the Israeli MFA, with 32 journalists from Spain, the U.S. and Latin America; which generated more than 1,000 press clippings that reached + 80,000 million Latinos worldwide.

• The first-ever U.S. media tour for IDF Spanish language spokesperson Capt. Roni Kaplan, conducting 30 press interviews in 10 days, educating 30 million Latinos worldwide.

• Conducted focus groups in Mexico, Colombia, and Chile to test Spanish language media messages that can move the dial in support of Israel in these key countries, which were used to train Israeli spokespeople and FL’s media experts.

• Production assistance in Israel for Univision’s Jorge Ramos, the #1 Hispanic journalist in America, for his one-hour documentary about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Ramos hired a Palestinian producer in Ramallah and FL produced his stories in Israel. More than 5 million U.S. Latinos viewed the documentary on his TV news show Al Punto.

FL’s operations in Jerusalem and Madrid allowed us to influence U.S. Latino press coverage on the ground as the stories unfold, but without a U.S. footprint the geographic distance has been challenging. Over the past three years FL has developed excellent working relationships with the top Latino journalists in South Florida, who’ve been demanding FL’s media services with increasing frequency. As a result, FL opened a Miami office in Dec. 2015 to engage these journalists on a continuous basis and meaningfully shape their ongoing media coverage of Israel.


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