Putti Jewish Community is a Jewish community based organisation. The community is based in a rural village of Putti in Eastern Uganda. It comprises of over 400 people. The community member came together to oberse and promote Jewish cultures and traditions.
Location: Kibuku , N/A
Year founded: 2017


The Abayudaya ( Jewish community in Uganda) … trace the origins of their religious affiliation to an extraordinary African chieftain, elephant hunter, warrior king, and colonial agent named Semei Kakungulu, who in 1917, or 1919, or 1920, depending on the source, … decided to reject all the forms of biblical religion that had been introduced to him by turn-of-the-century English Protestant and French Catholic missionaries for his own textual interpretation of the first five books of Moses, which made him (and his followers and later their descendants) something very close to Jews.

Kakungulu garnered followers and begat children, who raised Jewish-identified children, who eventually met white Jews who helped the Abayudaya become more universally accepted as Jewish. Putti Jewish Community is one of the Abayudaya´s community and now a community based organisation. The community is the community is located  in a rural village of Putti in Eastern Uganda. It comprises of  over 400 people. The community member came together to oberse and promote Jewish cultures and traditions.



Putti Jewish community (PJC), is a nonprofit community based organisation( CBO) located
located in Putti Village, Kibuku district in Uganda. Putti Jewish community Torah Study program is to provide Jewish education to the youths of the community for a period of 12 months between 2019/2020. The goal of this project is to ensure Hebrew
reading, writing and speaking amongst the young Jewish people of the community. This
program is focused on encouraging young Jews to Torah study, by providing resources to help
them immerse in Study of Judaism. It will include free meals for 2 days per week, and low-cost
transportation to and from an agreed Torah study venue and catter for study materials. At the begining of the program, we wish to introduce our students to the study of Jewish culture and history and the necessary background which will inspire them to learn.

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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

The mission of the Putti Jewish community Torah studay program is to promote and enhance Jewish literacy, acknowledge, understand, inspire promote and encourage Jewish learning in our community.By its inception, the community will work to strengthen Jewish Studies, love of Judaism and spiritual life though creating a demostrational and  respectful learning environment. Our community includes people of all ages, but our program will forcus on and  involve mainly youths of ages 13-35, and Jews  of all backgrounds through its classes, seminars, and lectures.

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Program Description

The Putti Jewish community Torah Study program mission is to help our members develop a deep love of learning both Hebrew and Judaic studies. With the help of our dedicated educators, and warm, welcoming community leaders will help to provide an environment that will encourage all members to reach their full potential in order to to be able to read Texts, write and speak Hebrew which will ennable then to learn Judaism in its original text and will help them become responsible citizens with a strong connection to Judaism.The purpose of this program is to instill our members with an intellectual curiosity, encourage our members to participate fully in the Jewish studies and  culture , instill ethical and moral values, educate members about  Jewish traditions and observances, and Prepare them to reach their highest potential in future..

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Demonstrated Need

Putti Jewish community has a social and communial programs for the Jews of our community focused on volunteerism.The Jewish community must establish a response to the needs of vulnerable populations in in uganda as a response by engaging young adults to study Torah and teach back to the community while gaining a better understanding of their Jewish values.

We aim to collaborate with opportunities where where benefit is attainable.

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Program Accomplishments

During the past year,PJC through its Events program, has served more than 10 communial gatherings to people of the community and outside. During the jewish festival celebrations, participants gathered and learnt together and connected and shared ideas on many topics which helped to strengthen the Jewish bond of brotherhood.. 

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How do you measure the success of your program?

Our measurements for success fall into three categories:

1) Engagement: How many people attend our programs? How many people know about our initiative?

2) Collaboration: Are we connecting with other organizations for projects?

3) Purpose: When focusing on a particular initiative, or individual project, is the need being met by our efforts?

Through this form of measurement, I can say our programing will be successful. However, we are constantly looking for ways to expand our program and scope.

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