Thrive - Center for Mindfulness and Well-Being

We are focused on thoughtful outreach to the margins of Jewish life. We create space for mindfulness, gratitude and other paths to wellbeing. Through engaged study, meditation, mindful eating and Jewish yoga, we are rekindling the Jewish spark inside of (and between) the seeking souls in our region.

Location: Providence , RI
Year founded: 2015


Thrive is a grassroots organization that grew out of conversations between its founders, who were seeking to build broader communities and connect with other seekers of wholehearted living.  We are fully engaged learners who craft powerful experiences and deep explorations, and we are rooted in awareness, compassion, intention and mindful practice.

By design, our participants tend to emerge from the margins of Jewish life. Many of them have stepped away from traditional affiliation, or never found it in the first place. In building Thrive, we decided to focus on this constituency for a number of reasons, but most pertinently because we don't believe in a Zero Sum Game when it comes to Jewish life. We felt that we could build something in the margins and for the margins to augment the current Jewish offerings in our region, not threaten them.

We are passionate about engaging in the broad traditions of Jewish wisdom, and simultaneously utilizing what we know from the fields of positive psychology and the study of human flourishing; in bringing these parts together, we foster practices of mindfulness and experiences of well-being.  Thrive builds community by carving out time, creating meaningful moments, and building into every program and experience time for people to connect to one another in thoughtful, honest ways. 

More than anything, Thrive is a place to be and become.

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