The Sky is the Limit

We are a non-profit that runs a unique Entrepreneurship Training Program for At-Risk Youth. During the program the teens start their own Social Entrepreneurship in which they learn how to be financial independent along side taking responsibility and leading their community.

Location: Jerusalem, Israel , Israel
Year founded: 2012


I am Moriah, the CEO and CO-Founder of The Sky is the Limit. I started the organization together with Eldad Postan believing that we need to find an innovative way to create social change and encourage others to do so. We believe that we are one society and we have the responsibility to lead it, to shape it and to make sure we don't leave anyone behind.
We decided to create a Social Entrepreneurship Training program that targets social gaps in one hand, and community building on the other. Our program allows teenagers fromunderprivileged neighborhoods to learn from a very young age how to start their own business. This will make them financially independent, will help them acquire life-skills set and will empower them. Those businesses are being established after the teens learned and mapped their neighborhood they decided what is the need they want to answer with theirEntrepreneurship. This way, we encourage them to take responsibility over their community, help strengthen the community and be change makers.
This combination created amazing initiatives- One group identified a community need for healthy youth recreation and initiated a youth movie theater in their local community center. Another group opened a student coffee shop in their school to provide a less expensive alternative to the cafeteria and create a safe social environment.
We are looking for a grant opportunity that will allow us to continue our work with our teens. During the school year the activity is part of the teens' routine. During the summer, where there is no structure, we find the teens to have certain withdraw. We created a summer program that will enable us to continue working with the teens during the school break and no looking for partners to support us.

No grants received yet


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