Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland

The ZF is the UK’s leading Israel advocacy organisation countering false and unfair criticisms of Israel and educating and empowering people to promote a better understanding of the country by highlighting Israel’s positives.

Location: London
Year founded: 1899


Founded in 1899 ZFUK is the UK’s leading Israel advocacy and grassroots organisation. ZFUK celebrates Israel and challenges our enemies. With over 50,000 affiliates, ZFUK engages in advocacy training, mobilises activists across the UK, holds speaking events, demonstrations and rallies, as well as many educational seminars and events. ZFUK promotes the real face of Israel, which is all too often lost amongst the medias desire to focus solely on the middle east conflict, and not on the contribution Israel has made to the world, in Medicine, in Agriculture, in Science, in Cultural industries and in innovation. ZFUK works tirelessly to end the tide of calls for Boycotts and Delegitimisation, and the attempts to promote Sanctions against the only democracy in the region, by a small minority of groups under the BDS anti-Israel banner.

ZFUK has many resources and brings many speakers from Israel. We work across all areas of society including national government, faith groups, students, young professionals, synagogues, local government and civil society, NGOs, Think Tanks, and many more.

ZFUK can provide for all of your Israel needs, no matter where you are or what your Zionism looks like. Representing groups from the left to the right, ZFUK, is an open inclusive space where all opinions across the Zionistic spectrum are represented and engaged.

The Zionist Federation has a long history and was the only organisation to be named on the original Balfour Declaration, the document that started the process of the creation of the State of Israel. The declaration, written by Lord Balfour (the then UK Foreign Minister), was presented to Lord Rothschild who was then the chairman of the Zionist Federation, to be transmitted to the organisation on behalf of the British Government.

Today, ZFUK holds true to the sentiment and words of that original Declaration, advocating for a secure Israel alongside a peaceful Palestinian state. ZFUK will stand up for Israel’s right to exist when others stay silent. We show Israel for the country it truly is, the only democracy in the Middle East and the only Jewish state in the world. A country no more than 9 miles wide at its narrowest point, facing calls for its annihilation by neighbours and their sponsors, victimised and systematically targeted by international bodies including the United Nations, A landmass no bigger than Wales and a population smaller than that of London, and yet more Nobel Laureates per capita than the USA, a hotbed for medical and technological innovation, a world leader in Cyber Security, the inventor of the USB stick, instant messaging and Mobile Phones, more new companies listed on the London Stock Exchange than any other country outside the UK in 2015, and the first people to make the desert bloom from Jerusalem down to Eilat.

Israel is truly a remarkable country, and ZFUK aims to ensure that all areas of British society have the opportunity to hear that and to see it for themselves.

ZFUK has a number of primary aims; to Advocate for Israel, to affect hearts and minds of the UK population to understand the positive side of Israel, to combat the delegitimisation of Israel; to train others in Israel advocacy; to promote Israeli culture, history and society; to engage with young people and bring them closer to Israel.

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