Tsfat Colors Book

A children's book with pictures of the Mystical City of Tsfat, teaching the reader the Hebrew colors, includes a short poem on each page that weaves together Jewish themes and information about Tsfat. Serving the purpose of introduction and connection to Jewish themes, Israel and Hebrew.

Location: Tsfat, Israel
Year founded: 2015


My name is Mina Rut. I was raised in an active Reform Jewish home in St. Paul, MN. I always felt and was proud of my strong Jewish identity and felt sorry for my other Jewish acquaintances that didn't have this feeling. After collage I came to Israel for a year long program. I ended up staying in Israel. Soon after I fell in love with two things that changed my life, the city of Tsfat and the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev.

This book is the output of these two love affairs. I feel that by introducing positive Jewish themes to children at a young age, their positive feelings about their Jewish identity will be formed and strengthened. The beautiful pictures of Tsfat also connect a child's (and their parents') soul to Israel. The teachings of Rebbe Nachman which are woven through the poems, help form a positive outlook for the child in looking of the good points in life and being happy with one's portion.

I have a large family and don't have the funds to publish this book, but I am self taught and experienced in webpage design, social media, promotions and distribution. And I plan on promoting and selling the book myself.

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