American Healthcare Professionals and Friends For Medicine in Israel (APF)

APF an organization of health care professionals that is committed to advancing the state of medical education, research and care in Israel by assisting in the training of young Israeli physicians and healthcare professionals.
Location: Boston , MA
Year founded: 1950


The American Healthcare Professionals and Friends for Medicine in Israel (APF) fosters deeper understanding and commitment to the State of Israel through its many innovative and cooperative programs. The APF is not affiliated with any particular medical institution in Israel and is therefore able to provide assistance to a wide array of medical facilities and programs in Israel. APF has excellent relations with the Ministry of Health and the Medical Corps of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The founders of APF wisely made the Fellowship Program the flagship of our early goals and it remains so today. Since its inception in 1950, over 1,500 gifted and deserving Fellows have been chosen through APF’s rigorous selection process and been supported in their pursuit of post-doctoral clinical training and research in North America. As a result, they have been a focal point in the continual transformation of medical care in Israel. From cutting edge surgical techniques, to advanced diagnostic tools, to the establishment of new community health clinics, APF is proud to play an integral and critical role in the health care of the people of Israel. APF provides the opportunity for North American health care professionals to receive advanced training in disaster management. Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Courses in Israel, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and the Medical Corps of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), are offered each year, presenting emergency, as well as peacetime preparedness techniques. This exchange of skills in emergency management could not be more timely, protecting American citizens in times of heightened security concerns. APF is the original and only organization designated by the State of Israel to maintain a Registry of Emergency Medical Volunteers (EMV Program). In the event of a declared national crisis in Israel, APF volunteers will be called upon to provide medical care and assistance in civilian hospitals. Additionally, APF advances its important mission through other programs. APF provides Research Grants to talented physicians engaged in basic medical research in Israel. Specialized Oncology Grants are offered each year. The Solomon Hirsh Nursing Awards are granted to several Israeli nurses each year enabling them to visit leading North American medical institutions to learn new methods and techniques to bring back to their respective Israeli hospitals. A new Student Program is being developed, including an APF/birthright medical trip to Israel. There has been much accomplished over the past seven decades, but there is still much to do and we hope that you will support our efforts to provide additional grants to young Israeli healthcare professionals.

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