Reality Changers

Reality Changers believes that college changes everything. That’s why we help low-income youth become first generation college students and guide high-performing 12th graders to the nation’s top colleges. We began with $300 in 2001, but students have now earned $100,000,000+ in scholarships.

Location: San Diego and Orange County , California
Year founded: 2001


Reality Changers has three programs:

  • College Town prepares low-income, high-potential 8th-11th graders to be college-ready by 12th grade.  These students oftentimes begin the program with GPAs between 0.0 and 2.0, and therefore need a complex support system to become successful.

  • College Apps Academy guides high-performing 12th graders through the entire college application process, from choosing the right college to getting accepted.

  • The Alumni Network helps new program grads adjust to college and helps past program grads develop professional connections and lifelong friendships.


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