Campus Strauss Afikei Lomda

Campus Strauss Afikei Lomda is a non profit Haredi college for vocational and academic advancement and job placement located in Jerusalem.
Location: Jerusalem , N/A
Year founded: 1992


SCAL employs a multifaceted approach, taking into consideration its clients’ emotional, spiritual and financial concerns while working towards the goal of successful employment. SCAL serves men and women over the age of 18 from Jerusalem’s Haredi community. As of 2016  approximately 550 men and women are pursuing academic degrees at Strauss Campus, and about 250 men and women are enrolled in Lomda, receiving training in various fields of vocational professions. The number of academic students is expected to double in the coming two years.

Lomda’s Vocational Training Programincludes dozens of courses including computer programming, application development, web building, accounting and administration, media and graphic design, marketing and real estate, art therapy, as well as culinary arts and winemaking.  Lomda's key factors to success are its understanding of the Haredi community and sensitivity to its needs, alongside up-to-date curriculum, cutting-edge computer labs and highly experienced lecturers.

Strauss Campus Academic Institute: Realizing that there were many professions suitable to Haredi individuals which require a college degree, Lomda partnered with Hadassah College and in 2012 established an offshoot called “Campus Strauss” – a Haredi college under the academic auspices of Hadassah College.  Strategically located on Strauss Street, the center of Jerusalem’s Orthodox neighborhood, Campus Strauss offers a range of courses for marketable occupations such as optometry, biotechnology, speech therapy, computer science, management, politics & media, and administration. The curriculum at Campus Strauss is recognized by the Institute of Higher Education, and academic degrees (B.A and B.Sc) are issued by Hadassah College.

Internship and Job Placement:SCAL’s mission is to alleviate poverty among Haredim in Israel. Therefore, we help our graduates cross the bridge between education and employment by operating a Job Placement Center. This full-service center offers graduates job preparation workshops, personal mentoring and guidance, and formulates a strong connection with potential employers. The Center also conducts surveys among graduates for statistical purposes, determining the extent to which our graduates maximize their employment potential. Much effort is put into introducing employers to our students and graduates, and educating them regarding the benefits of Haredi employees.

Scholarships and Student Loans: As most of our students come from the low-income sector and face financial challenges, an integral part of Lomda’s work is assisting them in obtaining scholarships and student loans that subsidize their studies. All this is part and parcel of Lomda’s firm commitment to teach our students “how to use a fishing rod” rather than just “giving them a fish”.

Scholarships for Ultra Orthodox College Students at Campus Strauss


Strauss is a Haredi college which offers haredi men and women academic degrees
under the academic auspices of Hadassah Academic College.

The campus was established in 2012 by the management of Lomda Institute, a
premier Vocational Training Institute that caters to Jerusalem's Haredi
community. Since its inception 24 years ago, Lomda has successfully trained
more than 10,000 men and women in various skills that have enabled them to
secure respectable income producing occupations.

Campus Strauss currently offers degrees in Life Sciences (B.Sc)-biotechnology,
optometry, and speech therapy; Social Sciences (B.A)- management and politics;
and Computer Sciences (B.A). The program was initiated by the Planning and
Budgeting Committee at the Council for Higher Education and the degrees offered
are recognized by the CHE and highly regarded in the job market.

Approximately 700 students are currently enrolled at Campus Strauss.

Many of our students are first in their families to persue academic education.
The majority of them come from low-income homes and many support their own
families. The annual tuition is a major burden for our students and can be the
main obstacle to breaking the circle of poverty in the family and joining the
Israeli workforce. In addition, the intensive study tracks do not allow the
students to support themselves and their families during their college years.

Our Scholarship Program allows these students from low-income backgrounds to
pursue studies without the burden of tuition. Scholarships are a powerful key
to recruiting more students and to ensuring low drop out rates. 

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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

The organization's miission is to provide Ultra Orthodox men and women the tools to successful employment by offering academic and vocational training and job placement services.

Our scholarship program allows these students to study without the financial burden of tuition-which is one of the main obstacles on the way to breaking the circle of poverty.

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Program Description

Campus Strauss scholarship program offers scholarships to students who wish to enroll in a training course but cannot afford the tuition and support his/her family while doing so.

Campus Strauss serves Haredi men and women, living in Jerusalem and it's proximity.

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Demonstrated Need

Many Haredi families in Israel are living in poverty. Our students all come from low income homes. Many are already parents of growing families themselves and cannot afford the annual tuition for studies.

Students who apply for scholarships at Campus Strauss must demonstrate low family income of less than $1000 per
person in student's household.

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Program Accomplishments

Since its establishment over 20 years ago, Campus Strauss Afikei Lomda (previously known as Lomda) has trained over 10,000 men and women in various vocational fields.

According to our recent survey conducted by Lomda's Job Placement Center, 75% of our graduates find employment in the field they studied in Lomda.

To date, 500 students are enrolled in our academic Campus Strauss for undergraduate degrees in optometry, biotechnology, computer science, management, politics & communicatiojn, and speech therapy. In addition, 250 students are enrolled in vocational training courses. 

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How do you measure the success of your program?

Success of the scholarship program is measured by means of minimal drop out rates among scholaship receivers.

In addition we measure other parameters regarding the students progress such as: attendance, test scores, overall course satisfaction etc.

Ultimate success is determined by employment rates upon graduating. 

With a 75% employment rate and less than 5% drop out rate we have proven that scholarships are indeed a critical tool in enabling students to spend their time studying a career focused profession without worrying about tuition.

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