American Jewish Society for Service, Inc.

AJSS creates life-changing opportunities for teens to make a real impact on a community and on themselves. We do real work, embrace the local culture and build a peer community. Teens leave with hands-on skills, deep understanding of the world and how together they can make actual change.
Location: Bethesda, MD but we work across the US , MD
Year founded: 1951


It's possible to paint a house, learn about racial justice, and play a round of mini-golf all in one day. When was the last time you had a day that full? When was the last time you had 25 of them in a row?

AJSS programs are life-changing adventures in which teens make a real impact on communities around the U.S., and on themselves. If service-learning sounds serious, that's because we seriously change lives. We go to cities where we can do the best work, to places that don’t ‘sound’ the coolest – but are the unique pieces of America where we can have authentic experiences. Each weekday we volunteer with our new community, hear people’s stories and learn about why these issues need work in the first place, and take in the cultures of our new home through fun, food, music, and whatever unique experiences our city has on offer (and trust us, there will be something awesome we didn’t know existed!). On weekends we reflect and rejuvenate as we explore the city for fun, and travel or camp in America’s most unique and beautiful locales. We leave with new hands-on skills, deep understanding of the world and how together we make actual change, a new family (that’s been where you’ve been without judging), and amazing memories.

AJSS offers transformative programs to teens through our Summer of Impact programs and through partnerships with schools, synagogues, youth groups and summer camps who are interested in providing service-learning programs to their teens.

AJSS is the premier organization for high-school students who seek to put their values into action through meaningful service opportunities in underserved communities across America, and the only pluralistic immersive service-learning program for Jewish teens. 

It is our goal to make participation in service-learning programs affordable to families.  Grant support makes it possible for AJSS to keep the fees required to run safe and responsible programs as low as possible for the end user: the family. 

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