The Sixth Point

The Sixth Point is an independent, non-denominational Jewish community in Atlanta for adults in their 20s and 30s (ish). Through a wide variety of social, cultural, spiritual, and volunteer activities, we create positive Jewish experiences in an environment free of judgment.

Location: Atlanta , GA
Year founded: 2013


The Sixth Point is an independent nonprofit organization in Atlanta that serves Jewish adults in their 20s and 30s (ish). Through a wide variety of social, cultural, and spiritual events, we are building a non-denominational, non-judgmental community for a population that is largely unaffiliated and often disconnected.

The Sixth Point began in 2013 as an initiative to bring together young Jews in Atlanta who were looking for something different. Through creative and innovative programming, we provide opportunities to connect Jewishly- in whichever ways we choose.

Our “community without walls” engages young professionals in Jewish life in fun and relatable ways. We have events once or twice a month where young adults can meet new people and have positive Jewish experiences. The Sixth Point has a year-round calendar of events and activities specifically designed to attract the young professional demographic. We offer programs in a variety of categories across Jewish thought, culture, and tradition. The diversity of programming allows us to reach a broad spectrum of young professionals whose interests are just as diverse as they are.

Every program incorporates a social element, as that is a key ingredient in building a community over time. However, we also place strong emphasis on infusing substance into our programming. Each event incorporates a structured activity, task, or experience through which attendees can start a conversation and get to know each other. We try to avoid events with a “meet and mingle” setup that lacks an organized agenda and does not facilitate new friendships.

The Sixth Point recognizes that Judaism is not “one size fits all,” and remains committed to a pluralistic, non-denominational approach. Our philosophy is to educate (whenever appropriate) in a way that is informative, but not instructive. We believe there is more than one “right” way to be Jewish. By providing information and exposing our constituents to various customs and traditions, The Sixth Point empowers people to make their own decisions about how to weave Judaism into their lives. Together we are charting our own paths, redefining our Jewish identities, and reminding each other how much fun it can be to “do Jewish!”

We strive to recreate and/or replicate activities that are reminiscent of positive Jewish experiences of our youth (e.g. summer camp, Israel trips, youth groups) in order to revive a connection to Judaism that may have faded in recent years and to strengthen both our collective and individual commitments to Jewish life.

The Sixth Point does not have formal membership, nor is there any level of commitment expected from event attendees. Our model is a “pay as you go” system. Some of our events are free of charge because we never want cost to be a barrier to entry for our constituents. For paid events, the ticket price often covers a portion of event expenses and The Sixth Point subsidizes the remainder.

Once The Sixth Point has become firmly established and has proven sustainable success in Atlanta, its model will be easily replicable in other cities where young adults are unengaged in the Jewish community.

With nearly two years of operation under our belt, we are poised for growth. We are looking to develop a framework of funding that will ensure our organization’s sustainability for the future.

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