Bereisheet Inc.

Bereisheet is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization operating different programs from children and families in NJ with the goal of building and strengthening an Israeli-Jewish-American community through educational and community programs.
Location: Closter , NJ
Year founded: 2011


Bereisheet's mission is to build and strengthen the Jewish Israeli-American community through educational and community programs. Through these programs Bereisheet strives to reduce assimilation rate within second and third generations of Israeli expats living in the US..

Our goal is to create an inclusive, unaffiliated Israeli community that connects to Jewish traditions, fosters preservation of Jewish and Israeli heritage and culture, while supporting the state of Israel and serving as a bridge to the Jewish community at large. In the four and a half years since its inception, Bereisheet has been extremely successful in achieving these goals through several programs and initiatives:  

Bereisheet After School Program- This flagship program aspires to create an interactive, immersive language environment whereby weekly lively meetings serve as multisensory environments that facilitate memorable experiences as language acquisition tools. At Bereisheet we teach the whole child thus enriching their lives through music, story and art.  Connectedness to the history of Israel and the culture are the driving force that gives the language meaning and life. Socialization is a key element of our Hebrew experience. Real life interactions with peers and other Hebrew speakers, holiday celebration and cultural studies in a fun relaxing atmosphere will support the children’s ability to form attachments to their family roots. Our gatherings injects meaning and definition to traditions because when done right learning really can be fun!

Bereisheet's Bnei/Bnot Mitzvah Program - Program tailored to Bar and Bat Mitzvah youth, in which we discuss the uniqueness of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah age as starting point for a process of discovering one-self in the context of the world around us. 

Bereisheet's Camp - Bereisheet Camp is an one of a kind Hebrew immerse, Israeli-themed summer camp for kids ages K through 6th grade. The day camp took place over 8 full weeks at the beautiful Henry Kauffman Campgrounds in Pearl River, NY. We are currently actively registering children for the summer of 2016. 

Bereisheet Events – Each year, we produce community wide events to celebrate major Jewish holidays, as well as Israeli national holidays. These low-budget yet wildly successful events draw an average of 300-400 participants to each event with a track record of up to 1,500 participants in last year Lag Ba'Omer event. Bereisheet events highlight the thirst in our catchment area for Israeli cultural affairs that are celebrated “Israeli style” and in Hebrew. 

Bereisheet Talks – A series of “Ted Talk” style events target to our adult audience, in which we organize lectures in Hebrew by top of the line Israeli speakers. Past speakers include Amy Ayalon, Dr. Ra’anan Gissin, Avi Issacharof and others. Our lecture series is open to the entire community. 

Support of Israel - Additionally, Bereisheet organizes various ad-hoc activities to support Israel. For example during Israel’s “Amood Anan” campaign, Bereisheet partnered with many other organizations to initiate support rallies for Israel in New York City. 

We are passionate about volunteering, we encourage our members to volunteer in our activities and operation but yet we are limited in budget and resources. We are seeking for your support to help us expand our reach, improve our existing programs and launch new programs that target broader audience. Your funds will also allow us to offer scholarships and financial aid to families in need and make Bereisheet programs accessible for all. 

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