Dry Bones Project

Antisemitic cartoons have become critical in influencing public opinion and campus antisemitism. We are empowering Jewish students to resist and respond by teaching them to express themselves through creating their own cartoons. To do this, we’ve built a Dry Bones Online Academy of Cartoon Advocacy.

Location: Herzlia Pituah
Year founded: 2014


The Dry Bones Project team has recently built an online school of journalism designed to train students in the latest techniques and tactics of social media-based cartoon advocacy. Our online school is called the Dry Bones Online Academy of Cartoon Advocacy and Activism.

The goals of the Dry Bones Academy are to fight the re-writing of history, the spread of antisemitism, the isolation of Jewish students, the boycott Israel movement, and the growing attacks on academic freedom. We will do this by empowering a new generation of young Jews and others to combat the flood of anti-Jewish propaganda by teaching them how to express themselves as cartoon activists.

Young Jews and others, preparing to undertake this important task are selected from across geographic, philosophical, and religious borders. The Academy unities them and brings them together online on a virtual campus with forums, libraries, galleries, and events.

A number of small grants from foundations and a successful crowdfunding campaign has brought us to this point. You can view this startup here www.drybonesacademy.com but now we need to expand our curriculum, launch a student enrollment campaign, and build a search facility for our extensive libraries. And for this we need your help.

No grants received yet



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