COM.UNITY's mission is to lead and empower the social-tech revolution. We support entrepreneurs who use technology to address complex social challenges

Location: Tel-Aviv , Tel-Aviv
Year founded: 2014


COM.UNITY runs the annual social tech challenge and encourages the brightest minds in Israel to compete in teams from over 30 universities & colleges in Israel.

In each competition, a single social challenge is being tackled in order to measure impact, excellence and find leading key performance indicators (KPIs).

The goal is to tease out ideas and innovate, whilst creating the next generation of social businesses, one that combines doing good and making a profit. Top teams will win an acceleration package and seed funding in order to make their ideas into living breathing social business.

Today, almost every moment there is a new revolutionary start-up in creation, but it is no surprise that in most cases these startups are not about finding solutions to acute social problems. To that end, we founded COM.UNITY - an Israeli charity focusing on social-tech empowerment. Our mission is to help social-tech visionaries to pursue their vision and execute their innovative ideas. We support those entrepreneurs that use technology to address social challenges. 

Our goal is to trigger more entrepreneurs to divert their skills to the social arena, and to assist those already active to fulfill their social and technological vision. We believe that just like in other cases, Israeli entrepreneurs have what it takes to come up with innovative social-tech ideas.



2Birds is established through the cooperation of two leading
players in Israel's social impact ecosystem: Value Makers and COM.UNITY

Each one of our organizations has a proven track record in supporting
social change in Israel. We have made it our mission to support the creation,
growth, and capacity of revenue-generating, investment-ready social enterprises
in Israel. Together, we created 2Birds - a platform that will
facilitate, enable and support social businesses as a strategy to enhance global
social impact via business activities.

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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

2Birds aims to address social challenges
through entrepreneurial initiatives. Our goal is
to help social entrepreneurs build stable, long-lasting, social-enterprises
(SEs), by providing them with long-term, professional,
sophisticated services (management, research, consultation, mentoring and
learning), along with Impact Investment needed.

We aim to develop the
kind of infrastructure that will later be the means for a significant economic
and social change.  2Birds will lead a strategic move which will profoundly
improve the success rate of SEs and will directly affect our society. Developing
an infrastructure for SEs has a long term value that can be measured through the
social impact our initiatives are generating, as well as through their
financial stability.

At 2Birds we believe
that every organization should strive for and can accomplish mastering the two
“birds” – the bird of social impact and the bird of economic profit. And we
have the tools to make that happen.

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Program Description

2Birds turns social enterprises from an idea to a financially
stable and successful social start-up. The beneficiaries are not only the
entrepreneurs of each startup, but rather the whole Israeli society.

The success of 2Birds will be measured on the level of social
impact of each social enterprise as well as on its own sustainability and
financial stability. 

We anticipate the impact will replicate itself and we will see more
social businesses in Israel and more successful social businesses in

As an ecosystem, we believe that our success will reflect on the
inherent potential of every business to create social change, and that all
around the country an economic growth will be tied to social impact.

This program will have an eligibility process, at the end of which
2-3 enterprises will be accepted. Simultaneously, we will establish the
required infrastructure. During the following stages we will help the chosen
enterprises develop into independent, successful startups.

Working process:

1.  Locate
potential enterprises, assess them and choose the most suitable - 2 months

a.  Establishing
a screening committee

b.  Publishing
the program and accepting applications

c.  Examination,
assessment and selection of 2-3 enterprises which will enter the program

2.   Building the infrastructures: Establishing a
database of mentors, consultants and shared services; raising additional funds
from interested parties; locating a shared work space - simultaneously with
stage 1.

3.  Mentoring
the enterprises and supporting them, both financially and professionally – team
building, problem solving, business development, legal advice, accounting
advice etc., in accordance with the needs of each enterprise. Building a
network of colleagues, inter-sectoral cooperation, consultation meetings and
collaboration with entrepreneurs and investors - 6 months.

4.  Building
a model and mentoring the enterprise through its fundraising process - when
approaching the appropriate stage.

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Demonstrated Need

Every social enterprise is basically a start-up which meets a
social challenge. There is an abundance of great ideas out there, but only a few
of them are executed successfully – some fail because their social-business
model is not concrete or innovative enough; others fail because they lack the
knowledge needed to establish a multi-sectoral cooperation; and some fail
because they have no clear “Deal Flow” in the social entrepreneurial world,
which allows entrepreneurs the seed investment and long-term consultation they
need in order to turn their initiative into a Social Enterprise.

At 2Birds we address these “Market Failures” in order to turn a
good idea and a good team into a successful social-impact organization. We do
this through a year-long incubation program for SE initiatives that already
completed the first stages of team building, planning and development, and that
we found their cause worthy and executable. Initiatives will be chosen by a
professional, unbiased selection committee. The program provides an environment
of vast experience, managerial skills and company-creation practices; and fosters
breakthrough solutions and unique ideation methods, that are essential for building
a long lasting, sustainable, and profitable Social Impact business. 

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Program Accomplishments

Operating for more than 10 years in the social-business field, we
have established numerous SEs, founded and organized several competitions and
hackathons for social impact, and built a unique body of knowledge and networking.
All have enabled us to productively consult and mentor business organizations,
NGOs and entrepreneurs on the road to generating significant social impact
based on their capabilities and core competencies.

In each of these activities, we had many notable accomplishments:

-  Establishing
SEs: We have founded and managed more than six SEs, among them can be found:

Abiliko – The leading Israeli social network and portal for people with
disabilities and their families, which provides access to information, services
and community.

Love Davka – A dating site for people with disabilities, which helps them get
acquainted and create social meeting opportunities.

Abiliko Travel – A travel agency specializing in the needs of people with disabilities, in order to make
tourism accessible and enjoyable, and to promote issues of accessibility with
thousands of hospitality service providers around the globe.

Vitalitix – A technological startup which helps create an independent life for
the elderly in their own community, in their own home through Crowd-Caring™: Circles of care providers (volunteers, neighbors, service
providers) that are known to the elderly person and are available to lend a
hand when the primary caregivers are unable to help.

-  Competitions
and hackathons to accelerate SEs.

o  The 2014 challenge: focused on creating technological solutions for Israeli charities

o  The 2015 challenge: focused on creating technological solutions for the third age

Each challenge brought forward 10 winning ideas
which turned, after months of mentoring and support, into valid and investment
worthy social startups.

-  Building
a model for developing SEs within business organizations and NGOs. This model
was implemented in growth processes of several organizations, such as Mona
tours, Leumi Bank, Yevulim and more. 

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How do you measure the success of your program?

To professionally
measure social impact, we have set very specific parameters for success:

1. Having a model
for developing impact enterprises from ideation to company with investment

2. Having an
infrastructure to continue working as an incubator to develop more impact

3. Developing a
work plan for each potential start-up.

4. Reaching full
development of at least one enterprise and turning it into a start-up with
traction, before investment (at least 1 out of 2-3 participants per year).

5. Creating an
investment-ready initiative - a sustainable start-up that is fully prepared for
a significant fundraising.

As a final and definite measure of overall
success, we intend to create more social businesses in Israel and more
successful social businesses in particular. The specific success of this
initiative will be the aggregated measurable social impact of all our SEs as
well as their sustainability and financial stability.

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