Torah Mitzion

Torah MiTzion sends dozens of educational shlichim to communities around the world. Our goal is to strengthen world Jewry through Torah-based Religious-Zionism.Thanks to our shlichim more Jews choose to learn Torah, their connection to Israel is bolstered and more Jews make Aliyah.

Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Year founded: 1995


Torah MiTzion offers programs designed to enthuse and strengthen world Jewry through Torah-based Religious-Zionism.

Our expertise is at providing high-impact, dynamic educational shlichim.  Our specially trained shlichim quickly become an integral part of their host communities worldwide.  They are recruited from Zionist yeshivot where they serve in the IDF and exemplify an idealistic model of commitment to both Judaism and Zionism.  Our shlichims' love of Judaism, Torah and Israel is contagious and inspiring.

 Torah MiTzion's newest shlichut program, "Midreshet Tzion", offers dynamic teams of women scholars as another means of impacting Jewish communities. 

Over the past 20 years we have dispatched over 1200 shlichim. They have learnt over 350,000 accumulative chavruta hours, given nearly 80,000 shiurim and held events with almost 900,000 accumulated participants. 

The impact our shlichim have over time is telling – more Jews who choose to learn Torah, more connection to Israel and its culture, more programs and missions to Israel, more teens attending Zionist yeshivot in Israel and more Aliyah. 

We ask you to partner with us in spreading Torah EretZ Yisrael around the world!

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